Mudavadi’s ANC On The Spot


Seeing parties defy court orders and political parties tribunal rulings is a sign of bad leadership and corruption that has engulfed political parties systems in Kenya.

ANC Leader Musalia Mudavadi

For example in the case of Dagoretti North, a tribunal gave its verdict yesterday against the disputed parliamentary nominations pitting Ben Shilibwa and Magero Gumo both of Amani National Congress (ANC) party where it was ruled that the primaries be repeated.

But before the tribunal arrived at its verdict NASA co-principle Musalia Mudavadi is said to have ordered the party’s National Elections Board to issue a certificate to Shilibwa prompting Gumo to obtain a court order stopping ANC from illegally issuing the certificate.

However neither the courts nor the tribunal would stop ANC from this kind of impunity as it defied and went ahead to issue the certificate to Shilibwa.

One would wonder how ANC would defy both the tribunal and the courts to go ahead and give Shilibwa the certificate when he never filed a petition to challenge the results.

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It is also being questioned the criteria used to award a person who came a distant third locking out Dickson Wandiri aka Babandege who came second after Gumo.



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