Hostile Residents Give Senator Wako The Ultimatum

Governor Ojaamong (L) & Senator Wako (R)

The embattled Busia County Senator Amos Wako has been given an un-yielding ultimatum to either support the County’s Governor Sospeter Ojaamong or lose out at the forthcoming general elections.The ultimatum was given to the senator during a meeting he had called to meet one of the most populous Busia County clans that lives in the County’s more than five sub-counties called “Abamenya”.

Their spokesman declared: “You either support Ojaamong or you forget about our votes. We are not in support with the Funyula Member of Parliament Paul Otuoma who you are supporting to contest against Ojaamong to get that seat.” [wp_ad_camp_2]

He said their refusal to support Otuoma was because of bad track record of poor performance during the ten years he has been the Funyula legislator including his involvement in the illegal employment of more than 120 workers at the Busia County Assembly exclusively from his clan.

It is from this background that Senator Wako was this week taken to task by residents who demanded that he supports governor Ojaamong whose performance as county governor has been far better than Otuoma’s.

Some of the key areas that Ojaamong is claiming credit are the complete reconstruction of the collapsed rural access roads all over the county including constructing new ones and upgrading other all weather roads.

Development of elaborate water supplies networks, health facilities right from the county headquarters, educational institutions, agriculture and fisheries, the establishment of a multi-million shillings Cooperative Development fund, sports, culture and social services, street and market lighting projects among others while Otuoma has virtually nothing to show in Funyula.

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It has emerged that Wako who had invited the Abamenya clan to seduce their votes at the August 8th, 2017 general elections for the meeting at the Busia Villa hotel on the Busia – Kisumu highway came face to face with reality when he was forced to endorse Ojaamong by the irate residents.

They held no barrels back firing at the senator accusing him of allegedly dividing the people of Busia along ethnic lines when for centuries they have lived alongside each other with little or no consideration of their ethnicity.

The county is composed of the Teso, Bakhayo, Marachi, Samia, Banyala communities with many Luos, Kisii, Somali, Kikuyu among many others having permanently settled in the county over the years thus making a highly cosmopolitan county.

Just last week Angaza News exclusively reported that the Busia County Senator was spending sleepless nights as the clock ticks ever closer to the August 8th, 2017 general elections as the county’s political tides hounding him viciously. [wp_ad_camp_2]

In the run-up to the last general elections Wako campaigned vigorously for Ojaamong but the duo fell out sometimes last year over what is perceived to be bad management of the county’s resources and wanting development record by the governor over the last four years he has been in office.

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So far he is on record having publicly declared that this time round he was going it alone and every other aspirant should do so without engaging the six piece campaigning mode that was employed at the last general elections in 2013.

Following the fallout with Ojaamong Wako reportedly went full blast to support Otuoma in his contest against Ojaamong in the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party primaries to elect its flag bearer in this year’s general elections – Otuoma stormed out to stand as an independent candidate.

That was after Ojaamong was declared winner in the extremely flawed exercise which Otuoma disputed bitterly claiming he was the winner but Ojaamong had grossly and crudely rigged him out since he (Ojaamong) beat him only in two sub-counties out of the seven in the county.

Wako’s abamenya meeting comes barely two weeks after Ojaamong hosted a similar one where the same clan endorsed him to run for office for a second term, thus putting at complete cross-roads the Senator’s dalliance with the Funyula legislator.

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The worst aspect of the entire emerging imbroglio is the fact that Otuoma is facing serious rebellion in his own constituency led by the man who instrumental in ensuring he beat then Vice President Moody Awori while Otuoma was on the run – Bernard Wamalwa the Speaker of the Busia County Assembly.

“If you want our vote you must declare here today that you shall support Ojaamong,” said Josiah Kadanya aka Jokabu.

It has since emerged that Wako’s handlers who had hurriedly convened the meeting were left tongue tied as they watched helplessly and in disbelief after their guests turned against their boss with open hostility over his political dalliance with Otuoma.

When time for the senator to address the gathering reached he pleaded with the residents to give him a second term saying he would ensure Busia County gets the desired development.

He told the residents that he had no ill feelings against governor Ojaamong and that they should vote for a person of their choice, but the worst of the tide is yet to come if the Teso community has rallied behind the governor where the Senator will also be seeking for their votes.


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