Part 1: Queries Erupt Over Assassination Attempt On ANC Embakasi East Candidate

Joshua Otieno Obiende

Burning questions have erupted over the attempted assassination of the Amani National Congress (ANC) party Embakasi East constituency parliamentary candidate Joshua Otieno Obiende on June 21st, 2017.

Obiende had been invited to attend the rally organized by the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leaders led by the Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero at Tassia grounds popularly known as “Kwa Ndege” on that day when the attempt to take his life was made.

The organizers of the rally had also planned a caravan to drive from Tassia to Embakasi social hall where Obiende started feeling un-well and suddenly collapsed before he was rushed to Nairobi hospital in a critical condition.

According to eye witnesses, attempts by aides and supporters to call for an ambulance from multiple sources to rush to the scene and take the incapacitated candidate failed completely.

This state of affairs forced the motor bike boda boda operators to take charge clearing the way as they sped off carrying Obiende all the way from Embakasi across Nairobi’s Central Business District to Nairobi Hospital.

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At Nairobi Hospital he was given first aid before he was rushed to the neighbouring Coptic Hospital where he was admitted in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) still in highly critical life threatening condition.

[wp_ad_camp_2] The ANC candidate was to remain in the ICU for four days before being transferred to a general ward where he remained under treatment for five more days before being discharged but paralyzed on one whole side of the body.

According to medical reports after he was examined and laboratory tests released, Obiende was poisoned leading to the severe paralysis that could have easily taken his life if he was not rushed to hospital.

After being discharged Obiende has been forced to walk using a support crutch since part of his body is still paralyzed as he continues to go back to hospital for further treatment.

It has since emerged that the attempt was made against his life through a “doctored” microphone during the speeches at Tassia kwa ndege grounds when the “clean” microphone was swopped with the “doctored” one which was then handed to Obiende who was not suspecting of any possible foul play.

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The emerging burning questions are why Kidero and Babu Owino who was the master of ceremony for that day never bothered to take a single day to visit Obiende while he was admitted in ICU or thereafter?

Why have none of these leaders bothered even to call him to console him and wish quick recovery to be able to go back on the campaign trail for the coming general elections in which he is contesting for the Embakasi East Constituency seat? Why have they not even bothered to visit him at his home to wish him well? Was their invitation to the Tassia kwa Ndege ODM rally deliberately planned with ulterior motives? Why was the planned caravan from Tassia to Embakasi Social Hall changed behind the backs of Obiende and his team of supporters?

These are just some of the most critical questions that are begging for answers, but what is clear is the fact that in the past there have been attempted assassinations and real killings of politicians aspiring to seek various electoral offices perceived to be more popular and therefore threats to the candidature of their rivals. [wp_ad_camp_2]

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It must also not forgotten that it has since emerged that initially Obiende was gunning for that seat through the ODM ticket but some characters deliberate removed his name from the ODM membership list forcing him to seek candidature on the ANC ticket.

Therefore who were the characters who went out of their way to remove Obiende’s name from the ODM party membership list and what were the driving forces behind that move?

The most interesting revelations that have since emerged are concerning Babu Owino whom we shall bring you an exclusive story about his life in our Part II of this series that you can’t just afford to miss.




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