Gumo Asks Luhyas To Vote Kidero Out For Killing Western Economy


The former cabinet minister and Westlands legislator Fred Gumo has vowed to mobilize members of the Luhyia community living in Nairobi to launch a crusade to rebel against Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero for killing the Western Kenya economic backbone.

Hon. Fred Gumo

The former cabinet minister has declared that the crusade will ensure that the community’s more than 800, 000 voting bloc in Nairobi is used to block Kidero from recapturing his seat at the forthcoming general elections.

He said: “This time round we must use the power of our voting bloc to vote Kidero out of office because in the first place he is directly responsible for killing the Luhya’s economic backbone which is sugarcane farming by bringing the leading Mumias Sugar Company in Western Kenya to collapse.”

Mr. Gumo accused Mr. Kidero of having amassed his wealth by exploiting the once highly lucrative Mumias Sugar and its farmers and leaving the company and the farmers in tatters while he rushed to Nairobi to exploit its residents and amass more wealth.

Speaking to the press in Nairobi the former legislator who was accompanied by other leaders from various parts of the former Western province claimed that since Kidero was elected into office as governor of Nairobi, he has systematically isolated professionals and other workers from the community as he surrounded himself with a clique of cronies from the community.

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[wp_ad_camp_2] “We are totally disenfranchised by the fact that Kidero used his financial clout to lock out many capable aspirants from the Luhyia community by heavily financing those from his own community to secure the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party nomination certificates,” said Godfrey Wafula from Bungoma County.

Embattled Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero

Mr. Wafula says it was un-acceptable for the governor who made his wealth from the sweat of people from the Luhyia community leaving them impoverished was using the same wealth to push them deeper into abject poverty.

Another leader from Kakamega County accused the governor of deliberately plotting to use his position as governor of the richest county in the country to bring it down to its knees in collaboration with his cronies the way he did to the ailing Mumias Sugar Company in his own home county.

“We must not allow ourselves to be used again by this individual to enrich himself as we sink deeper in poverty the way we were subjected to such indignities during his tenure at Mumias Sugar as the Chief Executive while we watched helplessly,” he said.

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The same sentiments were expressed by Julius Wandera from Busia County who accused Mr. Kidero of deliberately blocking prospective investors from constructing a sugar factory in Busia County where the government had secured land worth more than Kshs. 100 million to exploit the farmers from that county while at the helm of MSC.

Wandera told Kidero that he must know that they had not forgotten the fact that during that period he had also deliberately engineered machinations to sell the more than 800 acres of land located in Nambale sub-county’s Nasewa area on pretext that the defunct Busia Sugar Company owed MSC Kshs. 100 million in a bid to pocket the cash.

He said: “Were it not that the people of Busia County moved fast to court to block that attempt we would have lost our land. Now the same man wants us to vote him into office again so that he can do to Nairobians what he did to us?”

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John Kegode from Vihiga County demanded that the government must hold Kidero accountable for what reduced Mumias Sugar Company to a mere shell in a total financial mess after taking over the company when it had been vibrant and the only one posting huge profits annually of all the sugar companies in Kenya.

He further demanded that apart from held accountable for the MSC mess, Kidero must also be held accountable for nay mess in the Nairobi county coffers and made to pay for it whether he was wealthy or not since it was the ordinary members of the public who were the end losers and sufferers.



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