Burning Queries on the Ababu Equation


[wp_ad_camp_2] The declaration by the Budalangi legislator Ababu Namwamba that he has quit the secretary general’s post in Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party due to frustrations raises more questions than answers that he has so far failed to give Kenyans.

This has equally raised a lot of speculation, theories, un-substantiated and un-confirmed reports and perhaps outright rumours that can only be put to rest by the truth being told. Therefore is Namwamba ready to tell the truth of exactly what transpired and circumstances that led to his departure from his ODM job?

DP William Ruto & Ababu Namwamba
DP William Ruto & Ababu Namwamba

We must also not forget the fact that even a week after his declaration, it emerged that he had not officially resigned from the party as the secretary general. Why did he fail to tender in his resignation letter before going public to make his declaration? What kind of frustrations were he and his Funyula constituency neighbour Paul Otuoma getting to warrant their departure? From whom and why? What games are they playing?

What has so far emerged from the utterances made by the Budalangi legislator are more of political rhetoric and posturing than hard facts. Since it is already in the public domain, one of the most critical questions that he should answer at least to defend his own political integrity is whether it is true that he was paid Kshs. 280 million from the United Republican Party (URP) through the influence of Deputy President William Ruto? [wp_ad_camp_2]

The legislator should also explain why he was given this money and for what purpose in case it is true? If it is not true then can he also explain to Kenyans what kind of relationship political, business and private does he have with Mr. Ruto? Since they are all public officers holding their positions by virtue of the public vote they indeed owe explanations and answers to these queries.
It must also be remembered that a few weeks ago just before Namwamba made his public declaration, he was widely quoted in the local media publicly saying that he had an option of joining Prof Julia Ojiambo’s Labour Party of Kenya (LPK) after quitting the ODM, though this is yet to come to pass.

The heavy questions that are arising here that require answers from Mr. Namwamba is whether it is also true that he tried to purchase the LPK from Prof.Ojiambo at Kshs. 20 million? Can he also explain why he was particularly interested in the LPK of all political parties existing in Kenya? Is it also true that this part of the deal that a section of the alleged Kshs. 280 million was to be used to purchase a political party? Is it also true that the purchase deal with Prof.Ojiambo eventually went sour? Why has the legislator all of sudden kept loudly silent about the LPK?

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That notwithstanding it is very interesting to note that soon after making the declaration to have quit his job at ODM, Namwamba was widely reported to have journeyed to Bungoma County for a meeting with that County’s Governor Ken Lusaka and high on the agenda of the meeting was to discuss the fast political developments that have gripped the Western Kenya region with the epicenter apparently stuck in Busia county.

The message that clearly came out that engagement was that the people from the region should not worry since he (Namwamba) had already prepared a cosy house for them to stay as a “Political Tsunami” was coming to hit the western Kenya region where ODM was perceived to be the most popular political party.

Which is this cosy political party and why is there the necessity to keep it secret from the public? Was the question of New Ford Kenya one of the issues discussed with Lusaka? Indeed it is an open secret that New Ford Kenya and Ford Kenya political parties are predominantly Bungoma, Trans Nxoia and part of Kakamega counties affairs.

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[wp_ad_camp_2] [wp_ad_camp_2] Therefore the other emerging queries are is Namwamba aware of why New Ford Kenya was dissolved? Why the dissolution had to be done before President Uhuru Kenyatta by a delegation which was interestingly led by old political leaders from western Kenya – former cabinet ministers Fred Gumo and Musikari Kombo?

This story does not stop there because Gumo is a former leading luminary of the ODM that gave him the first and the last ever cabinet post in the Raila Odinga and Mwai Kibaki grand coalition government. After declaring that he had quit politics after the last general elections why is Gumo all of a sudden calling the political shots in the region’s politics that is pitting ODM and the ruling Jubilee coalition?

[wp_ad_camp_2] Indeed it is an open secret that though Gumo’s political career has been largely in Nairobi, but his ancestral home is in Ababu Namwamba’s Budalangi constituency where his parents are buried though they owned huge properties in Kitale and Trans Nzoia.

It also goes without saying that he has never kept out of the western Kenya politics. What role is Gumo playing in the ongoing political theatrics that have gripped the western Kenya region in a stranglehold? What implications and consequences do they have in the defensive elections of Uhuruto duo in next year’s general elections?

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Posing more queries to the Budalangi legislator, it is also imperative that he explains what business deals he had with the Deputy President when he was still the chairman of the powerful Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee? Can he also account for the wealth he has amassed since he went into parliament?  Does he still have any current business deals with Mr. Ruto? Is it also true that the Deputy President is trying to groom him as a running mate when he goes for the Presidency? Were his critics in ODM as recently as last year justified in pointing fingers at him as a Jubilee mole in the party?

History has it that the fractious but highly populous western province is known to play a critical role in determining this country’s Presidency. The tendency being that considering the fact that second largest population in Kenya are Luhyias from western Kenya, divide that vote and never allow it to vote as a block and you have got your way.

Is it not the same equation being repeated here as the next general election looms? Usually the money factor plays a critical role in these political manipulations and comparatively the URP, the ODM, ANC, Ford Kenya and the TNA which are playing leading roles in the emerging scenario who has more money? Who is ready to pay out more cash considering the high stakes involved of these three political parties? These are some of the queries that Namwamba should respond to for the air to be cleared.










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