A Rift Valley Politician Out To Sabotage The Bukhungu Event.

Mr. Francis Atwoli

It would be naive and insane for the so called Luhya leaders to accept bribes for them not to attend the much anticipated event organised by COTU Secretary General Francis Atwoli scheduled for this Saturday 31st December at Bukhungu stadium in Kakamega town of Kakamega County.

This is an event that the whole Country if not East African region, Africa or the world in general will be waiting to witness so anyone taking bribes with intentions of sabotaging this historic event as alleged by Mr. Atwoli must not only be condemned but rendered an outcast.

The Deputy President William Ruto has time and again told the luhya community and I quote, “Musipojipanga mutapangwa” If you don’t arrange yourselves then outsiders will arrange you. So it is only when the community unites that this perception of Luhyas being disorganised or easy to buy people will come to an end.

Going by the DP’s sentiments I wonder why some of us should go for bribes from a senior politician from the Rift Valley for them to sabotage the event by not attending.

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[wp_ad_camp_2] I would therefore want to make an appeal to all Luhyas of sound mind to attend the function and be part of this historic moment that will bring some light to the region that will make us stop being laughing stokes.

It’s therefore our democratic rights as a community to either choose success or choose being called “Kukus” chickens until the coming of the messiah.


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