Wako’s Political Nightmares

Amos Wako

The Busia County Senator Amos Wako is spending sleepless nights as the clock ticks ever closer to the August 8th, 2017 general elections as the county’s political tides hounding him viciously.

The Senators political nightmares are emanating from his support for the Funyula constituency legislator Paul Otuoma to contest for the county’s gubernatorial seat against the incumbent Sospeter Ojaamong. [wp_ad_camp_2]

So far he is on record having publicly declared that this time round he was going it alone and every other aspirant should do so without engaging the six piece campaigning mode that was employed at the last general elections.

Following the fallout with Ojaamong Wako reportedly went full blast to support Otuoma in his contest against Ojaamong in the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) in which all of them belonged before Otuoma stormed out to stand as an independent candidate.

That was after Ojaamong was declared winner in the extremely flawed exercise which Otuoma disputed bitterly claiming he was the winner but Ojaamong had grossly and crudely rigged him out since he (Ojaamong) beat him only in two sub-counties out of the seven in the county. [wp_ad_camp_2]

The whole matter is worsened by the emerging rebellion from the Teso community in Teso North and South who are arguing that Wako is behind a move to rob off them the gubernatorial seat to ensure that the Luhya communities are hoarding all the leading seats in the county – senatorial, gubernatorial and the Women Representative positions.

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With Otuoma getting the gubernatorial from Ojaamong at the August 8th, general elections it means that the Teso communities will only be left with the constituency and wards leadership positions – at the last general elections the Teso and Luhya communities of the county hammered a deal to share around the big positions.

With a looming rebellion from the Teso communities who are threatening to put their vote bloc to one of Wako’s opponents activist Okiya Omtata on National Super Alliance’s (NASA) Ford Kenya wing being their nephew as well as Omtata some of the votes from Nambale and Matayos sub-county’s Bakhayo community where they all hail from becomes a major threat to Wako’s political survival.

That is worsened by the emergence of yet another competitor from his own Matayos backyard Lone Felix who is also vying for that seat which means chewing into the former Attorney General’s votes in the county.

It is from this background that Wako is now seriously contemplating making amends with Ojaamong to try mollifying the Teso rebellion and woe their votes to his side since both of them are ODM defending candidates compared to Otuoma who is an independent candidate.

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However what is clear is that time is running out since both in Teso North and South the senator is now being considered as the man behind Ojaamong’s woes with Otuoma therefore a man to punish at the coming general elections by voting against him in protest.

Though Otuoma is considered popular mostly in the sub-counties peopled by the Luhya communities that popularity among the Teso community is highly questionable since at least two Members of the County Assembly led by Moses Ote were bundled out of office during the political party’s primaries after they had defected from Ojaamong to support Otuoma.

Therefore clearly indicating that though Ojaamong may be perceived not popular in other sub-counties Otuoma is facing a rebellion from his own Funyula sub-county thus automatically transforming him into a high risk candidate to support since those rebelling against him are most likely to rebel against anybody who is supporting Otuoma.

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Without a home base with a rebellion with a person who spearheaded Otuoma’s entry into parliament, the Busia County Assembly Speaker Bernard Wamalwa that means any perceived support by Wako to Otuoma will be risking getting the Funyula sub-county votes – that with a Teso rebellion and competition from his own Bakhayo community the Senator is sensing deep trouble for himself.

That is why the option may be only to make amends with Ojaamong and fight hard to restore the Teso confidence in him as well as that of the Funyula, Budalangi and Butula sub-counties’ residents.



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