Jubilee T-Shirts Dressed-up Animals Drama In Busia As Uhuru Skips Rallies

President Uhuru Kenyatta








Rare orchestrated drama erupted in Busia town early on Thursday morning ahead of the expected campaign tour of the Busia County by President Uhuru Kenyatta that may have effectively aborted the President’s visit.

The drama erupted in the town when several calves, goats and sheep were dressed in the Jubilee Party T-shirts and set loose in the Busia stadium where President Kenyatta was expected to address a rally in the town by un-known people.

The rare spectacle in the town immediately attracted huge crowds to witness for themselves animals which were dressed in the ruling party’s blood red colours in anticipation of the President’s visit.

Immediately word spread around the town like a wild bush fire in a dry season, motor bike boda boda operators abandoned their passenger waiting points as they fired their idle motor bikes to the stadium to bear witness.

Not long thereafter word had spread to the Busia Police County headquarters and immediately armed police officers were dispatched in several police Landcruisers to the stadium to find out what was happening.

On entering the stadium and seeing the spectacle of the calves, goats and sheep and goats dressed in the blood red colours Jubilee party, the police immediately gave chase to arrest the animals which also immediately took off.

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The armed police officers went after them in hot pursuit as the crowds cheered with excitement at the unfolding drama as the calves, goats and sheep desperately ran away to try and escape being arrested by the armed police.

For more than 40 minutes the drama continued to unfold as the cheering crowds continued to swell excited at the rare spectre of scores of armed police chasing to arrest dressed animals this time instead of their fellow human beings.

After a long chase around the stadium the police were eventually to corner the calves and sheep – immediately arrested them and bundled them in one of their Land Cruisers complete with a couple of other armed officers standing guard at the tail gate of the vehicle.

However the goats which were more agile faster and elusive continued giving the officers a hard time until when the whole contingent of several Landcruisers apart from those guarding the already arrested animals were deployed to assist in arresting the goats.

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After several minutes they were also cornered, arrested and bundled in one of the Landcruisers before they were driven to the Busia Police Station in the same compound with the County Police headquarters.

It was not immediately known whether the arrested animals were booked in the Station’s Occurrence Book (O.B), but they were seen securely tethered in the station’s compound without the Jubilee T-shirts.

According to Official reports President Kenyatta with his campaign team were expected to Chopper into Busia County to address campaign rallies in North/South Teso Sub-counties, Busia town before rolling on down to Budalangi sub-county in the South or Vice Versa.[wp_ad_camp_2]

However as the day wore on following the goats, calves and sheep drama there were completely no signs of President Kenyatta touring the town as the fairly heavy security presence which had been obvious in strategic points across the town were suddenly nowhere to be seen.

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Busia County seen as largely predominantly a pro-National Super Alliance (NASA) zone with candidates vying for various elective seats right from the senatorial through the gubernatorial, Women Representatives, Parliamentary and Members of the County Assembly (MCA) seats on a Jubilee ticket having nightmares trying to sell themselves.

Indeed most of them have opted wooing for votes from the electorate strictly as personalities, their abilities and their achievements instead of their political party, their Presidential candidate and his running mate. [wp_ad_camp_2]

They have so far failed to explain why President Kenyatta failed to show up in the county despite his advance team having landed the previous day in preparation for his arrival for the rallies on Thursday.










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