The Implosion Of Fire And Brimstone In Busia’s Gubernatorial Race

Paul Otuoma (L) & Governor Ojaamong (R)

The fiery steam, fire and brimstone that gripped the beginning for the race for the Busia County gubernatorial seat in this year’s August 8th, 2017 general elections appears to have suddenly deflated as the clock ticks closer to the “D” day.

The fiery steam, heat, fire and brimstone were mostly triggered, generated and
sustained by the Funyula legislator Paul Otuoma targeting his arch-rival for
the seat the defending incumbent Sospeter Ojaamong with whom they
fought at the political parties’ primaries.

In total contrast to Otuoma’s firebrand populist style in the race, the other
contestants for the same seat led by Jubilee’s Daniel Barasa, Moses Ocheng of Ford Kenya and Francis Oyatsi appear to have chosen a completely low approach in the race.

However, in the recent past what has come out clearly is the fact the steam, fire and brimstone that Otuoma bombarded Ojaamong with has conspicuously gone missing compared to the run up to, during and after the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) acrimonious and highly flawed primaries for this year’s general
elections. [wp_ad_camp_2]

At that time the Funyula legislator seemed to have inexhaustible massive un-stoppable financial resources that are the backbone, the oil and fuel of the Busia politics right from the Senatorial through the gubernatorial, the parliamentary to the MCAs positions competition.

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Indeed since the contest begun, it has consistently appeared a quest more of
showing financial might than what any of the mentioned candidates competing for the gubernatorial can deliver to the county residents.

That is compared to the incumbent who has been consistently accused by his chief detractor of a poor development record and alleged ethnicity which have ironically come around to hound him (Otuoma) in his own Funyula sub-county.

This brings us squarely to a most critical question that many Busia County
residents must be asking themselves considering first the performance and delivery of Otuoma and Ojaamong as elected leaders – of the two who is a better devil?

Then why are the candidates neglected to the periphery – which of them can
deliver compared to those on the front running line?

Indeed there is no question that the money factor in the Busia county politics is a very powerful tool that shapes and influences tens of thousands of voters from the constituency depending on how the candidates are wielding that weapon to lure the voters.

The race for the gubernatorial to date still remains a contest between Otuoma and Ojaamong whose financial and otherwise arsenals went a notch lower after the brimstone heat of the nominations and to date is yet to grab the heat it generated right to the primaries, during and thereafter.

Recent reports from multi-sources in the seven sub-counties of the county indicate
that Otuoma was forced to go back to the drawing board to try and replenish his
tottering financial war chest from which and that of Ojaamong the voters expect to be treated to a spectacle of who is going to dish-out more campaign cash to lure voters than the other.

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At the party primaries campaigns Otuoma tried his level best to outdo Ojaamong on this score giving out at least Kshs. 200 per the people who were attending his rallies while Ojaamong was yet to start doing that but on realizing what was going on he countered that.

Otuoma’s style then was to direct those attending his rallies in different queues
composed of men, women, the elderly and youth, then after addressing the rallies immediately dispensing out the cash before moving on to the next stop, but then since then this bravado of public show has disappeared.

At that time Jubilee’s Eng. Barasa and the other contestants who did not have
competitors had very little business to unleash their financial missiles for the
campaigns compared to those who were fighting competition.

Already there are murmurs that as the clock ticks closer to the electioneering “D” that even Eng. Barasa, Oyatsi and Otieno have no option but to unleash the fiery might of their financial war chests and missiles a development that may explode into fierce completion for a show might to bag the county’s gubernatorial seat.

However, with Otuoma’s loudly depleted fiery brimstone and fiery steam questions are beginning to erupt why he started a fire that he is now unable to sustain against his political arch-rival in the county – Ojaamong? [wp_ad_camp_2]

with his hosts the local syphon brews and traditional food.

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The recent developments are indicating a heavy and fast developing change of
support in all the seven counties, but it remains to be seen who is really going to be the outright beneficiary of these shifting changes in voters preferences of which is the better of the two devils – Otuoma or Ojaamong?

The best of these emerging changes is exemplified with Butula sub-county which was at one time perceived as the most hostile to Ojaamong but the most friendliest or supportive of Otuoma, but just last week the latter launched his manifesto there with a rousing welcome that was believed to have gone forever.

The biggest irony of the whole business is the fact Ojaamong’s Deputy Governor
Kizito Wangalwa who resigned being his running mate this time round comes from the same sub-county just like the current running mate in the race to defend his seat. [wp_ad_camp_2]

Indeed all the other candidates just like Otuoma have no option but try at all levels to make forays in Ojaamong Teso backyard, consolidate their own home backyards as they make finale battles to grab what their might can from all the other sub-counties.


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