OPINION: The Insincere Prayers Of Mrs. Rachael Ruto


Note: This Is An OPINION article Intended To make You Think & Not To Make You Hate.

Mrs. Rachael Ruto









It is not the first time that Mrs. Rachael Ruto prayed. The prayer rally that she held at Uhuru Park on the 30th of July, 2017 is just one of those.

Mrs. Ruto is the founder and patron of one of the largest women group known as Joyful Women Organisation (JoyWo).

She has been at the forefront in women empowerment, however not without accusation of misuse of funds at the organisation, but maybe those are just distractors who hate on Mrs. Ruto and don’t want to see her succeed.

Her husband gets a lot of hate and blame on social media too. Some of which he is plainly guilty.

There was a video that was circulated online a while back, that showed Mrs. Ruto pleading with Kenyans to forgive the Jubilee Government for failing to meet Kenyans expectations.

This came hot in the heels of scandals in the Jubilee Government. She was speaking to residents of Laikipia
and at some point in her speech, she says, ‘it is not easy to lead over 45 million people’. [wp_ad_camp_2]

The manner in which the peace messages and prayer rallies have been increasing shows one thing about our society as Kenyans.

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We are very gullible when it comes to religion especially Christianity. Christians in Kenyan are the dumbest lot I have ever encountered in my research through history.

How could you even think of electing a government that sat back and watched as Al Shabaab terrorized residents of Nairobi at Westgate Mall?

How could we just sit tight as 147 young people lost their lives at the Garissa University attack and how could we even consider this government serious yet they took it easy when Kenyans continue losing their lives in Mandera?

How could we sit back when the government couldn’t account for over 215 Billion Eurobond money; when NYS fund were stolen, when SGR was overpriced and all we got
was scrap-metal from China as trains;

How could we sit back when the chief whistle blower and public defender, Mr. Jacob Juma, was clearly killed in cold blood?

We have seen what happened to the IEBC IT Director, Mr. Chris Msando. He was killed even after numerous pleas to police to beef up his security.

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Are we not angry with a government that has failed to deliver on its promises in the past 5 years?

We got a raw deal in terms of service delivery, jobs for all, ethnic inclusivity in public appointments and all we accept is, ‘please forgive us, leading 45+ million people is not easy?’.

Kenyans, that is how leaders think of us. They think we are like sheep led to the slaughter house and that we need to accept our fates and don’t make any noise.

Where was Mrs. Ruto’s prayer rallies when all those people were slaughtered by Al Shabaab?

Where was she when funds meant for Women, Children and people living with HIV was stolen from the Ministry of health?

It is an embarrassment to stand before Kenyans and ask for us to vote a corrupt, insensitive, and morally bankrupt government back in office.[wp_ad_camp_2]

problems facing Kenyans, they have purposed to showcase grandiose projects that don’t add values to Kenyans and to add salt to the injury, they have a portal that showcases some projects
done by the previous administration as their work, some county government projects have also been ‘stolen’ to be showcased as Jubilee Projects.

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Ladies and gentlemen, Jubilee has actually delivered nothing. Zero! Nada!
Yes, we need an apology for all the wrongs done by the Jubilee administration, but we don’t need anyone to tell us what we need to do come the General elections, everyone knows that Jubilee government will not be voted back.

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