REVEALED: How Wako Wielded His Financial Might To Deliver Busia To Jubilee


Damning details are emerging on how Busia County Senator Amos Wako wielded his financial might in the run up to the last general elections and after  in desperate attempts to dethrone the incumbent Sospeter Ojaamong to hand over the county to Jubilee, we can authoritatively report.

Amos Wako

These are combined together with Jubilee’s desperation to bag the county’s leadership because of its highly strategic positioning on the Kenya – Uganda border through the immediate former Funyula constituency legislator Paul Otuoma.

As it has since publicly confirmed that Otuoma for many years had been a Jubilee mole that the party’s top leaders President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto had been grooming to serve their interests to extend their stranglehold on the country and lock out any personality from other communities ascending to power.

Indeed Otuoma has already publicly declared that he will be campaigning for President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy during the forthcoming repeat presidential elections after the Supreme Court nullified them – this has since been crowned by an official visit to his Ebunandi village in Funyula sub-county by DP Ruto to cement the deal.

[wp_ad_camp_2] Prior to Ruto’s visit Wako had been among the leaders who met in Funyula on a Saturday to concretize plans for Ruto’s visit, but kept conspicuously away in Nairobi when the DP visited, but his Personal Assistant Chris Mugeni was present.

Unconfirmed details are now coming out of the wood works on how Wako after a series of secret meetings with Otuoma complete with their close confidantes gave Otuoma more than Kshs. 34 million in cash before a Bungoma lawyer.

The move to conclude the cash deal in neighbouring Bungoma county was ostensibly to ensure that it was concluded covertly without the prying eyes of the public or other snoopy ones from the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) hierarchy a party that propelled Wako back to the Senate for his second term.

Ironically as Wako appears hell-bent on serving the Jubilee interests in the border county, ODM headquarters had saved him from the headache and financial stress of fighting it out to secure the party’s ticket through competitive party nominations primaries by handing him a direct nomination on a silver platter.

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The plot was to ensure that Ojaamong was hammered out of the race at the ODM party primaries during which Otuoma armed with a bottomless cash pit went on the offensive splashing huge amounts of hard cash to members of the public who turned out to attend his rallies in all corners of the county.

At these rallies Otuoma was witnessed lining up the attendees women on their own line, men theirs and youths their own then he would personally go systematically from individual to individual handing out hard cash to them – the battle field was already set.

It has emerged that the idea to use hard cash as a powerful weapon to lure voters away from Ojaamong was engineered by Otuoma’s campaign manager Peter Odima who made it his hall mark in campaigns for his former boss the Nambale constituency legislator Chris Okemo who has also joined the Jubilee bandwagon.

Impeccable sources from inside Otuoma’s camp have revealed to Angaza News that Otuoma also borrowed money heavily from shylocks and friends one of whom almost collapsed after hearing that Otuoma had lost since they were over confident  that he was going to win the county’s gubernatorial seat.

Indeed it is this money including more from covert Jubilee conduits that was splashed recklessly during the ODM primaries ahead of the August 8th, 2017 general elections to ensure that Ojaamong was locked out at that level, but it has since emerged that Ojaamong countered strategically countered the move.

Otuoma’s cash was overtly splashed to the members of the public at virtually each and every market centre in Nambale, Matayos, Funyula, Butula, Budalangi, Teso North and Teso South sub-counties.

However, unfortunately the power of this cash from Wako, Jubilee, friends and Shylocks did not pan out for Otuoma at the ODM primaries as Ojaamong emerged the winner in highly acrimoniously disputed elections that forced the former to extend the battle to the ballot paper as an independent candidate.

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Angaza News can now authoritatively reveal that after that debacle, there was no way Otuoma could have battled it out standing on a ticket from any other National Super Alliance (NASA) affiliate political parties because the ground was highly hostile to Jubilee hence opting for independent ticket.

Besides Jubilee already having its own candidate complete with a direct nomination ticket to contest for the Busia County’s gubernatorial seat that was Eng. Daniel Barasa who unlike Otuoma did not unleash a flashy campaign nor did he get public endorsement to be elected for the same from President Kenyatta as Otuoma did.

Indeed the arrogance, the over confidence and outright brute force Otuoma displayed and demonstrated could tell any discerning individual with a critical probing mindset that he was very sure he was going to win the seat during the August 8th, 2017 general elections.

In all these political theatrics gripping Busia county with spillovers still being felt to date, the Busia County Senator Wako remained the political and financial power brokering Godfather with covert dealings with Jubilee’s top brass President Kenyatta and his Deputy Ruto.

The reason why Wako remains a Jubilee Mole within the ODM top hierarchy despite his heavy involvement with the preparations and filing of the NASA presidential candidate Raila Odinga’s petition against Kenyatta is deeply embedded in these covert dealings with Jubilee’s top brass.

That is why prior to the onset of the last general elections, there was a confirmed covert meeting between Wako and the Jubilee top brass where it has been revealed a plot was hatched  on how the County was to be delivered to Jubilee after Otuoma winning the gubernatorial election.

It has also emerged though not yet officially confirmed that apart from the Kshs. 34 million exchange before a Bungoma lawyer, there were many covert meetings between Otuoma and Wako at their private residences both in Nairobi and in Busia County some which witnessed cash exchanges for Otuoma’s campaign.

[wp_ad_camp_2] That is why Jubilee’s candidate Eng. Barasa did not bother to mount a spirited aggressive campaign as he gunned for the seat yet President Kenyatta while on the campaign trail in Mumias to deliver a Kshs. 500 million sugarcane farmers in the region endorsed Otuoma knowing that his party was covertly financing Otuoma as its secret candidate.

Jubilee’s hunger to be in control of Busia County evolved during the five year period after the 2013 general elections when the ruling party realized the importance of its strategic position on the Kenya – Uganda border which plays a critical role in the party’s financiers’ multi-billion shillings cross border transactions.

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The most critical being the fact that compared to Kenya, Uganda does not have strangulating import – export duties levied on a wide range of goods through which Jubilee’s financiers could make colossal financial killings among other factors – the most important border points being Busia, Malaba, Port Victoria and Sio Port.

Despite Jubilee’s desperation to bag the County through Otuoma at the last general elections, the odds stacked against its desires have more than multiplied as far as the party is concerned with its top brass following the after elections revelations on how they systematically plotted and ruthlessly executed schemes to steal the votes.

[wp_ad_camp_2] Though Otuoma has gone to the High Court in Busia to file a petition challenging Ojaamong’s re-election and publicly gone ahead to publicly embrace Jubilee he should have learnt a lesson from the backlash the voters unleashed to his Labour Party of Kenya (LPK) friend Ababu Namwamba when they threw him out of parliament at the last general elections after he went embracing Jubilee

What is clear is the fact that Otuoma’s woes are just beginning since already in his own home of Funyula constituency he was already facing rebellion long before the last general elections, with his defection to Jubilee his political future in the county may be sealed for good.

This will be definitely compounded with the multi-millions shillings in debts he hoarded on a borrowing spree to finance his campaign hoping to recoup the millions from the county’s rich financial coffers if he had won the election – Otuoma’s political and financial troubles may just be beginning.




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