Defiant Sacked Busia County Official Under Fire

Peter Odima “Haris” Khasamule

The former Busia County Resource Mobilization Director Peter Khasamule Odima came under fire after he was yesterday exposed for fraudulently fleecing the county’s public coffers through a second but illegal employment.

The Director was exposed for drawing two salaries as Mobilization Director under the name Pater Khasamule Odima and another under the name of Peter Odima Haris Khasamule as a County Public Relations Officer (1) both of them drawing more than Kshs. 110, 0000 per month respectively.

However, even after being sacked as Mobilization of Resources Director, in mid last year and his salary for that engagement apparently terminated at the same time  he has continued getting the salary for the latter job to date for services he has never rendered to the county government. [wp_ad_camp_2]

Confronted with the revelations, a defiant Odima retorts that as far as he was concerned his contract with the county government expires in 2018 and at the same time the matter concerning his termination was still pending in court.

This brings into question if he was still a public servant, then why did he engage actively in the political campaigns during the last general elections contrary to the law governing the electioneering process where as a public servant he was not required to get involved in illegally campaigning for former Funyula Paul Otuoma legislator if he was still a civil servant as he claims.

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Odima who was Otuoma’s campaign manager in his endeavor to fight for the Busia County Gubernatorial seat as an independent candidate after losing during the political parties’ primaries has since gone to the High Court to file a petition challenging the re-election of the county’s Governor Sospeter Ojaamong.

This brings into question the legality of his second identify card under the name of Peter Odima Haris Khasamule since in the High Court petition he used the name Peter Khasamule Odima.

Indeed according to the law public service employees are not supposed to be actively involved in any partisan elective politics campaigning for personalities aligned to particular political parties or otherwise since this would compromise their impartiality in serving members of the public.

A defiant Odima says that he has no powers to expunge his own name from the county government payroll therefore he has no regrets for continuing to draw a hefty salary and allowances for services he was not rendering anywhere after being booted out of office last year.

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The former CeC Busia County Information, Communications and Telecommunications Department who resigned as Cec Lands, Bernadette Muyomi accuses the writer of the article of writing stories in favour of the Busia county government.

[wp_ad_camp_2] Muyomi however, notes in a Facebook posting that the article was good because it makes them know some things adding that it has some inaccurate information and goes on to speculate that may be as the author goes to dig deeper into the matter he will establish who created the position and appointed Odima in his wisdom.

The roles of different offices like who instructed the payroll, why the payroll captured designation differently from what is on the appointment letter and how the person was identified for that position are some of the areas she says should be probed.

Muyomi further says that it should be probed to establish how many such cases are in existence as she looks to reading more about the developing story and looking forward to go and record her statement with the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) officers.

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