Girl Who Burnt Colleagues To Death Acquitted


The case in which a student of Moi Girls High school in Nairobi who burnt her eight colleagues beyond recognition has now been withdrawn.

According to sources the girl who word has it that she is a daughter to an outspoken Cabinet Secretary, is now a free person after the prosecution withdrew case arguing that she was a minor of age 17 years. 

[wp_ad_camp_2] The sources further disclosed to Angaza News that the CS paid a certain man to come out and claim that he was the biological father of the girl whose full name has been kept under lock and key.

This now brings to end the search for justice for those parents who lost their beloved ones and many who were left maimed.

However the questions that Kenyans should be asking are; If indeed the girl who is only identified as “Wanjiru” has so far been acquitted for being a minor then why should we have rehabilitation centers popularly known as “Approved Schools” for minors?

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Secondly can Kenyans now demand for a DNA test by an independent doctor to be conducted in order to ascertain whether the CS is indeed the father of this evil girl?

Lastly can Kenyans also demand that the girl be taken to any of the many rehabilitation centers meant for minors?

-Just keep it Angaza News as we are still piecing up shocking revelations to what exactly drove this girl to kill her colleagues.


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