An Abomination That Is Nairobi City’s Majority Leader


  1. The Nairobi City County is harboring a majority leader that is an abominable vicious, menacing and destructive character that is messing up and destroying peoples’ lives.

Nairobi County majority leader Elias Okumu Otieno alias Amadi last year assaulted the sitting MCA of Kayole south ward who is also chairlady of Nairobi county assembly women caucus leader Elizabeth Manyala because she defied his menacing financial demands.[wp_ad_camp_2]

An impeccable source from City Hall Nairobi revealed to Angaza News: “The Kayole South ward MCA was assaulted badly by Otieno for refusing to sign for the caucus cash in which she is a member and leader.”

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The money on which the snatched wayward woman was to be spent it has been revealed is none other than, Magdalene Mboghori that Otieno snatched from the husband who is a Busia based banker and had planned to use it to go for netball match with her friends.

Manyala the Kayole South MCA alleges that the majority leader of the county assembly slapped and pushed her to a wall – where she sustained neck injuries and could have a cracked skull needing a scan at the hospital.

At the time one of the local dailies reported: “A female member of the county assembly (MCA) in Nairobi has been hospitalized after being beaten by a male colleague.

Elizabeth Akinyi Manyala the MCA for Kayole South has been admitted at the Nairobi hospital.”

It continued: “She alleges that county assembly majority leader Elias Otieno assaulted her. Manyala said that Otieno slapped and pushed her to the wall and sustained injuries at 1 pm on Wednesday, March 23.”

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Angaza News can now authoritatively report that following the attack by Otieno when she refused to bow to the majority leader’s demands a series of events took place after she was taken to hospital and reported the matter to the police.

On first April 2016 he was arrested detained at the Nairobi Central police station and taken to court. He was found dishing money in Migori Suna east in funerals and football tournaments. When he was arrested Raila tried to free him but he was unable.

What has emerged is that Otieno’s arrogance, crudeness, violence towards not only women but anybody who crosses his path in his quest to satisfy personal greed and reckless abandon in luring, using and dumping not only peoples’ wives but also daughters.

The situation in his ward is so bad that his reputation has become total anathema for voters because of his own personal abominable and animalic character without any human feelings for anybody who crosses him or his personal whims induce him to confront.

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