Otuoma’s Woes Worsening In Busia As He Faces Rebellion At Home

Dr. Paul Otuoma

The battle for the Busia County gubernatorial seat between the incumbent Sospeter Odeke Ojaamong and Funyula legislator Paul Otuoma is reaching fever pitch as the former starts making in-roads in areas previously perceived Otuoma’s strongholds.

The situations appears to be getting out of hand for Otuoma as he is facing seriously damaging rebellion in his own home Funyula constituency where a majority of the constituents especially from the North have rejected his leadership. [wp_ad_camp_2]

Wamalwa who is the Speaker of the Busia County Assembly fell out with Otuoma over the illegal employment of more than 120 Otuoma’s clansmen and cronies to the County Assembly, but Otuoma refused to own up when the heat was turned on the speaker over the illegal employees.

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From the other seven sub-counties of the County Ojaamong last week got a major boost endorsed by the populous “Abamenya” Clan at a meeting that was attended by over 500 hundred representatives from across the County.

This is expected to be strengthened by the Abaguri clan from across the County, but mainly concentrated in Nambale and Matayos sub-counties including their neighbours – the leading clan of the Bakhayo tribe happens to be Ojaamong’s maternal uncles.

With Ojaamong’s Teso community bolstered to solidify their unity with what is perceived to be an attempt to deny the community any powerful post in the County, his biggest threat or opposition from the clans of Butula may have been bolstered by taking a running mate from the same sub-county after his deputy Kizito Wangalwa chickened out.

During the Abamenya endorsement, the representatives called on all members of the clan to come out in large numbers on August 8 and vote for Ojaamong whom they described as a humble leader compared to Otuoma who is combative and biased to his clan.

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At the same time the Luo community living in Busia County have vowed not to support Otuoma who is vying as an independent candidate but instead said they will rally behind governor Ojaamong.

They said that Otuoma had failed to deliver in his Funyula constituency for the ten years he has served as the area MP and cabinet minister adding that he had no clear agenda for the people of Busia.

The community which controls about 13% of the total population of the County also accused Senator Amos Wako for wanting to divide the residents along tribal lines.


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