OPINION: Why The West Supports The Corrupt UhuRuto Regime

File Picture: Ruto & Uhuru

Economic hit men {EHMs) are highly paid professionals who cheat countries around the globe out of trillions of dollars. They funnel money from the World Bank, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), and other foreign “aid” organizations into the coffers of huge corporations and the pockets of a few wealthy families who control the planet’s natural resources.

Their tools include fraudulent financial reports, rigged elections, payoffs, extortion, sex, and murder. They play a game as old as empire, but one that has taken on new and terrifying dimensions during this time of globalization.
Those are the words of Richard Perkins, the Author of the book, ‘Confessions of an Economic Hitman’.

Though the book was written a long time ago and is not regarded as a tight expose by some professional in the international development field, as to why Africa and other so-called developing countries have failed or failing.

The confessions of Mr. Perkins was the first direct, right-from the-horses-mouth, eye opener for the majority of people in the developing world as to how the west, particularly the United States of America (USA), rips off developing counties around the world.

[wp_ad_camp_2] Back to Kenya, Uhuru and Ruto, the two International Criminal Court (ICC) inductees who somehow run in the 2013 elections and ‘won’ despite the constitution of Kenya having a chapter on Leadership and Integrity that would have automatically disqualified them.

The two, through propaganda, misinformation, murder and the disappearances of witnesses during trial and underhand dealings with the western countries, were soon cleared by the ICC and the rest is a history of looting, plunder, impunity and greed.

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UhuRuto as they came to conjoin themselves have had the biggest and furthest looting spree this country has never seen. No regime has ever stolen from Kenyans the way this one has.

A couple of things that show you that the USA and the west Economic Hitmen are happy with UhuRuto’s legacy: Looted Billions: NYS (Kes. 795 Million), Eurobond (Kes. 215 billion), Afya House billions (4.5 Billions), e.t.c; Failing healthcare and education standards; Debt that stands at nearly 5 trillion shillings; Overpriced infrastructure projects; Nepotism and tribalism in public appointments, My concern is on the use of funds and the Public Finance Management (PFM) in general.

What we need to understand, or rather remember, that debt is slavery and as such, if you owe someone they can misuse you the way they want.

We’ve been slaves to USA and other Western powers. UhuRuto have also ensured that that is entrenched. We are worse of.

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Furthermore, let us remember that foreign aid in terms of, first of all debt to developing countries by the west, benefits the western countries.
The Jubilee regime is a darling of the west let alone USA simply because of the above fact.

In UhuRuto, the West have found an ally they can rely on, an ally that serves their interest in that UhuRuto are not afraid to sell their country to the highest bidder in return for nothing, in the words of Chinua Achebe, ‘they cannot hesitate to sell their mother’s for a mess of pottage’.

Apart from the oil in Kenya, the US has been gifted with building the Mombasa – Nairobi highway, this beats logic as to why we spent so much on SGR.
The French and Germans have been given a no hold barred to exploit the tea and coffee sectors.

[wp_ad_camp_2] Remember also the French want the tender for printing the New Currency Notes. Oberthur Fiduciare, a company linked with OT-Morpho, the French group that was entangled in the controversial supply of voter identification gadgets and computer servers for the recent Kenyan polls.

There are many underhand deals that the above western countries have cut with Jubilee, some of them we will know later, but what remains is that the West’s agenda of giving debts to African and other developing countries, then helping the same countries to misuse that money in corruption and useless projects such as the SGR and then leaving the country in such a worse state than it was has been achieved unabatedly under Jubilee.

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And just like the coffers of Kenya governments is raided to benefit a few individuals, so is this diabolic business of foreign aid. It benefits powerful individuals, corporations and the Western governments in that descending order.Time will tell, and for religionists, God help us.

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