Omutatah’s Court Server Abducted By Police At Communications Authority of Kenya


At around 8.00 am today, two men, who introduced themselves as police officers posted at the Communications Authority of Kenya, abducted Okiya Omutatah’s Court Process Server at the headquarters of the authority, and detained him until 10 am.

Upon release, the server contacted Okiya who decided go there in person to effect service.

“A man in a black suit, who claims to be a police officer, has blocked my access to the CAK at the gate”, Omutatah told Angaza News on phone.

Omutatah said the man claimed that he was under firm instructions from above not to allow him or anybody to serve the Court Order suspending the media shutdown.

[wp_ad_camp_2] “I am staying put until I serve these orders. To God be the power and the glory”, he said.


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