OPINION: Raila Vs Uhuru- Short Story of Black and White Magic


Without a doubt the two main families have run our political scene like a fidget Spinner. One has ruled over us in the highest office the other just under it, both twice.

Raila Amolo Odinga, the son of Kenya’s first Vice President and doyen of opposition politics has filed a petition in court challenging the r-election of Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta as Kenya’s president.

In his intermittent speeches before and after the IEBC announcement of election results; Raila has at one time told Kenyans, that ‘this is the last time an election will be stolen in Kenya’.

On the 9th of August, 2017, Odinga tweeted: The fraud Jubilee has perpetuated on Kenyans surpasses any level of voter theft in our country’s history.

[wp_ad_camp_2] This time we caught them – Raila Odinga, August 9th, 2017; 11:18 am. That was it. The die was cast and in Raila Odinga’s strongholds, people were brutalized, maimed and killed and buried in unknown locations – according to the Kenyan Civil Societies.

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The difference between Oginga and Kenyatta was ideological rather than personal. But political competition often breeds emotions and nothing has been further from the truth in the eyes of the

The two founding fathers of the nation, Jaramogi and Jomo were friends, business buddies and leaders to their respective communal constituencies.

In Africa, leaders have often been known to consult spirits through magicians. In Kenya, we’ve heard numerous stories of such engagements by the two families.

That is what I would like to put
clear here. While it is open knowledge that the Kenyatta’s love for witchcraft is true; the stories about Odinga’s wizardry and involvement therefore is false, void and total misrepresentation of facts.

Though most African politicians would have found it a normal thing to visit and use the services of witchdoctors. I doubt that Jaramogi used it for ‘black’purposes.

It is important to note that Western Kenya, Nyanza included is a place that has many ‘Roho’ – spiritual manifestation churches.

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The widely known being the Legio Maria. I have often believed that the Legio Maria way of worship is very suspect until I interacted with some of them in a period of many months starting in 2014.

I had been fired from jobs and was looking for a different view of life and so, one thing led to the other, and being a person who was an ardent Christian (Seventh Day Adventist) and researcher of knowledge I asked the Legio Maria a lot of questions.

What I came to know is that their weird forms of worship; from how they administer ‘healing’ were something like the mannerism of a magician, the only difference is that the name of Jesus,

Mary and Joseph, plus a horde of other ‘angelic’ names are called supreme.
In most instances, a spirit identifying itself as ‘Joseph’ would possess a person and he/she would speak in a corrigible or incorrigible language giving warning, prophesying future events or give
solutions to a sick person or something that the church might have prayed about.

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A few days or months later the things that were said would come to pass.
I strongly believe this is what Jaramogi, Raila’s father and most of the family practice.

To the average mind used to ‘luxury Christianity’ of panda mbegu; this is witchcraft. And most cannot truly discern otherwise, the worship mannerisms don’t help that much.

This has therefore, brought out many stories both true and fables about the invincibility of the Odinga family.[wp_ad_camp_2]

It is clear to note that one was for good and protection yet another set Kenya on the path to ruin. But all things come to an end.
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