The Power Of Change That Kenyans Must Emulate


There are enormous lessons that Kenyans must learn from the recently concluded elections in the United States of America if this country is going to progress and get out of the perennial corruption quagmire.

What is clear is the fact that the many voters in the USA wanted change after the Democrats had dominated that country’s leadership for two terms after they took over from the Republicans who had run that country’s economy into shambles.

The first African-American President Barak Obama came in to bring change and restore the country’s economy from the shambles into which it had degenerated under the two term leadership of then President George W. Bush.

This time round what transpired in the USA where Donald Trump who was least expected to beat Hillary Clinton Americans voted for change hence denying Clinton the victory.

It is paramount that the same should be emulated in Kenyan politics where there is absolute need for change in our politics by voting in fresh blood with completely new ideas for implementation right from the presidency to the County Assembly Representatives.

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The Nairobi County alone right from the Governorship now under Evans Kidero to the Members of the City County Assembly direly needs to be re-evaluated and rejuvenated if the county is going to progress as desired by the Nairobians.

Those who have so far shown the interest of vying for that seat at the next general elections like Miguna Miguna is an extremely far cry from the kind of leadership the county residents desire because they have nothing to show or to offer in terms of progressive change.

Perhaps the latest entrant Peter Kenneth has a proven track record for his prudent use of Constituency Development Funds (CDF) when he was a Member of Parliament.

At constituency level, it is interesting to focus on Dagorreti North where Luhyas especially from Busia are the majority followed by other tribes like the Kikuyus,Kisiis,Tesos &Luos.

At the last general elections there was dramatic change when the electorate there voted a totally newcomer in national politics Simba Arati for change, but again there appears to be much more in store for change with the entry of one Albert Ariku who is a Teso originally from Busia County.

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What is clearly emerging is that the incumbent Arati of Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) who is a Kisii stands no chance if the Busia community can come together to back one of their own who is Mr. Ariku.

Indeed of late Raila – Arati relationship is not as concrete as before that is keeping in mind that Raila’s allies have already whispered to him that the Busia community this time round have decided to field one of their own.

Arati is also accused of among other things including forming some gangs who harass his opponents whenever they visit the area not forgetting Queen Simba Care Foundation named after his own daughter.

He forces his constituents to register into it with Kshs. 1000 before some of them could qualify for bursaries – It is from this background that the electorate needs to go back to the drawing board and spring in huge surprises like the Americans did though the character they chose had huge flaws like Arati.

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