Nambale MP John Bunyasi And CDF Backlash Erupts

MP Bunyasi Relaxing
MP Bunyasi Relaxing

Cronies of the beleaguered Nambale constituency legislator and chairman Western Kenya Members of Parliament Caucus, John Sakwa Bunyasi have erupted with threats to sue this writer and Angaza News for exposing the prurient escapades of the legislator.

At the same demands for forensic audits of the lifestyles of the officials and senior employees of the Nambale Constituency Development Fund (CDF) have become floodgates since the Auditor General Edward Ouko put the constituency’s performance on the trending list of shame.

Reacting on the social media platforms after reading the expose on the Angaza News online publication, some of the cronies erupted fuming with defamation threats for what they felt was bad against their godfather.

One of the postings read: “Joseph Barasa and Angaza News should be ready with the best lawyers as process to sue had commenced” That immediately provoked a lashback from other readers.

In response one reader wrote: “One can file a defamation case if she/he has a reputation they ca afford to guard. Bwana Bunyasi and his cronies looted 10.85 million and to add salt to his wounded reputation he went ahead and slept with someone’s wife and it is in the public domain. This begs the question – does Bunyasi have an image to protect after all these scandals?” adding that defamation is publication of false information that damages the reputation of another person.

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Indeed there are so many other negative postings in reaction to this defamation threat most of which are not printable with due regard to our own professional ethics which do not apply to virtually all the social media platforms.

However what is clear is the fact in Kenya and in many parts of the world, the moment you offer yourself to seek public office and are elected to that office by the members of public then you automatically become open to intense public scrutiny whether you like it or not.

Therefore whatever you do in the open, whatever you do during the day, whatever you do during the cover of darkness shall be open to public scrutiny, comment and critical analysis at all times of the day or night.

Secondly your conduct as a public servant whether in your own personal privacy, during public or private engagements at all times of day and night will always be under constant spot light and microscopic scrutiny because you are supposed and expected to set the best example in accordance with laws, traditions and norms of the land.

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Perhaps the most recent classic example in Kenya of a public official though not elected but occupying a powerful national public office is that of former Devolution Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru and the stolen more than Kshs. 1.5 billion from the National Youth Service (NYS) which was under her docket.

How many denials did she make since when the whistle was blown concerning the rip-off?? Was she not forced out of the office? How many times did she claim that she is the one who exposed the scandal when the emerging evidence is heavily implicating her? What’s the difference between the Waiguru case when it is devolved down to the Nambale CDF scenario?

There was also the case concerning the sexual behaviour of the once Chief Executive of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) – Mr. Lagade. In the privacy and secrecy of a hotel where he was staying in the United States, he sexually abused the hotel’s employee and thought it would never come out.

The woman came out in the open and exposed the dark side of Lagade and even took him to the court of law accusing of sexual abuse when she was performing her duties as a house keeper at the hotel, he was found guilty, forced to resign from his plum job at the IMF and that was the beginning of the floodgates.

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Tens of women who had suffered at the hands of Lagade over the years now gained courage and came out in the open to reveal their horrific experiences at the hands of the former IMF boss whose escapades were not only in the USA but also in home continent of Europe – he was from France.

The Holy Bible indeed clearly states that what you do in the darkness shall be proclaimed on the rooftops in the daylight of the morning, therefore when extends to the level of defamation that is when the real skeletons,  cans of worms, and the buried rot start exploding to the fore.

It is also from this background that the forensic audit of the senior employees lifestyles of the CDF should be scrutinised and sources their overnight wealth brought to microscopic scrutiny because we are dealing with monies that belong to the members of the public and not private entities for individuals to play around with as they wish.






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