OPINION: MPs Must Introduce Motion On State Capture To Save The Economy


KENYAN Law makers must now introduce a substantive motion in Parliament on the State Capture and it’s effect on the Kenyan economy.

This is because a few unscrupulous business men and women have mastered the art of influencing the Government’s decision making process to their own advantage and Jaswant Rai is one example.

He wants to monopolize the Sugar sector while a milk company associated with President Uhuru Kenyatta wants to monopolize the milk sector something we can’t as a country allow to continue this way as our dairy and sugarcane farmers suffer.

This reminds us of a deal struck between President Kenyatta and President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda where the two countries agreed that Kenya exports diary products to Uganda and Uganda exports cheap sugar to Kenya.

Just recently it was announced that Kenya was ready to import 20,000 metric tonnes of sugar from Uganda through five sugar factories each to export as follows; Kakira- 7,750 tonnes, Kinyara- 4,250 tonnes, SCOUL- 4,000 tonnes, Hoima- 1,500 tonnes & Atiak/Horyal- 2,500 tonnes. Notice of the above companies Kinyara and Hoima belong to Rai.

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So the Kenya-Uganda deal to my opinion was to benefit two people here and that is President Kenyatta through his Brookside Milk and Jaswant Singh Rai through his sugar factories based in Uganda meant to import cheap sugar from Brazil then export to Kenya purporting to be from Uganda then reaching Kenya the same Sugar is shared among his three other sugar factories based in Kenya.

According to the letter dated 23rd December signed by the Uganda’s PS for Trade & Industry Emmanuel Mutahunga, the factories in Kenya were to sit down and agree on how to share the consignment meaning Rai would still get the lions share given his three factories here in Kenya.

So even as we discuss about the ‘Kabila mbili’ narrative we should challenge President Uhuru to also come clear and address the issue of monopoly in Milk & sugar sectors by himself and his friend Rai. Don’t forget Comesa safeguards have been extended like five times with the latest one expiring in March 2023.

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It has been repeatedly said time and again that Kenya is not honest as far as the extensions are concerned because that is the only way other players can be locked out and give Rai a leeway to import sugar from Brazil through Uganda and then to Kenya.

The Sugar taskforce report which is lying at Statehouse on the other hand is inherently flawed, it never took into account the various existing laws that needed to be changed nor the court of appeal rulings that had been made, it made a mockery of the hard work farmer’s do and promoted more taxation in effect it put our future in the hands of governors.

Therefore we must ensure that the regulations are gazetted and the sugar bill to establish Kenya Sugar Board (KSB) in parliament is enacted and farmer’s are paid through using sucrose content and weight.

Most importantly farmers need to seek advice from FAO and the EU to help develop farmer friendly policies in effect we need to change the rules of the game from within and without.

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