Jaswant Rai: The Crooked Sugar Baron Out To Kill Kenyans


In the middle of 2018, police impounded 2000 bags of contraband sugar that was later said to have been contaminated with other toxic elements chief among those mercury. Many more netting of contraband sugar would follow that would lead to the setting up of a parliamentary committee to probe the matter.

This ended with allegations bribery where Members of the National Assembly were shamefully bribed with as low as Kshs, 10,000 to doctor the report.

The owner of the sugar was one Jaswant Rai using other proxies.

The head of the Flying Squad unit that netted the sugar Mr. Musa Yego later stated that the sugar was to be transported to Mumias and Kabras sugar for ‘refining’.

What the police didn’t say is that Jaswant Rai, the owner of Kabras Sugar was the one behind all these.

A brief history of the industry-wrecker Rai

Jaswant Rai owns West Kenya Sugar that packages “Kabras sugar”,  Olepito Sugar in Busia a subsidiary of West Kenya, Sukari Industries in Ndhiwa and Kinyara sugar in Uganda; he is also the owner of other companies such as the wood processing company Raiply among others.

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Rai has rose through the ‘ranks’ to create a sugar monopoly in Kenya. The methods he used are akin to how drug barons conquer territories and expand their drug business; in short conniving, bribery, coercion, threats and even ‘death’.

The fall of Mumias Sugar Company (MSC) has often been pegged largely on office-sitters who looted the sugar miller, but no one ever mentions loudly that it is Jaswant Rai’s underhand tactics of cane poaching that ultimately brought Mumias Sugar Company down.

Secondly, through Raiply, Jaswant Rai ensured that Webuye Paper Mills dies. He sabotaged the paper miller through bribery of top politicians and having pacts with the Kenya Forest Service (KFS), which he now sits at the board representing the forest industry.

The perennial opening ceremonies of Webuye Panpaper factory is carried out to hoodwink the public for votes by the clueless (or maybe they know but don’t care) central Kenya mafia.

What Rai did with the death of Webuye Paper mills was to use it as a storehouse for contraband sugar, where as an headquarter, he can capture the whole of the Western Region sugar producing belt, by pretending to be crushing sugarcanes to produce sugar in fake factories opened and owned by him and make a killing.

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Rai is conniving and evil.

In the recent past, he has tried to enter into Busia County through the backdoor and has even paid hecklers to sabotage the works done by the newly opened Busia Sugar Industry.

Busia Sugar Industry is creating employment to the youths the larger Busia and Western Kenya.

Rai’s Game Plan

Importing sugar is more profitable than crushing cane and as such Jaswant Rai has perfected the art of killing all sugar factories so that he can remain as the sole supplier of sugar in Kenya.

He has managed to do this and continue unabated owing to the runaway corruption under the successive rogue Kenyan regime, the worse yet Jubilee regime.

He imports bags of sugar, stores them in a warehouse and then repackages them in local names such as Kabras and Ndhiwa.

One of the most famous Kabras sugar is his; the other sugar that he packages is Ndhiwa sugar, which is ‘manufactured’ by Sukari Sugar. Ndhiwa Sugar name is used to hide the identity of the real owner.

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Toxicity and Cancer

Kenya has been grappling with the rising cases of cancer. Cancer is manageable if detected early, but in a country that has unemployment rates and poverty levesl that is out of this worl, how many Kenyans can afford this?

Members of National Assembly (MPs) accept cheap bribes in order to kill or doctor reports such as the one for the Sugar Industry’s contraband sugar. Even though it was revelated recently that a considerable number of MPs are suffering from cancer, no high angle can come down from heaven and give a wake up call to the pigs in parliament.

They slumber into soft mattresses in Europe, trying to manage cancer but return home as goods of no value. Death by ignorance!

A Twitter user recently posted a tweet about Kabras Sugar labelled SAFE TO DRINK FOR THE NEXT 3 YEARS, yet it was packed a week ago. A look inside the contents would make one cry. The contamination stinks to the highest heavens.

Jaswant Rai should stop killing Kenyans.

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