Busia Professionals Fall out Over Ruto Money

BUPA Launch

Cracks have emerged on an outfit known as Busia Professionals Association or BUPA over money donation that they had received from the Deputy President Dr. William Ruto.

BUPA which comprises of some big names in Busia political and professional circles, such as CAS Ababu Namwamba, former Attorney General Amos Wako and a former World Bank boss who is also Nambale MP John Sakwa Bunyasi among many others is on the limelight for all the wrong reasons.

DP Ruto is said to have donated Kshs. 100,000 to the outfit for their launch which took place at Quill Restaurant in Busia last weekend.

The money has since caused wrangles with members accusing each other of bending so low and impropriety.

At the same time a section of female members of the outfit have threatened to exit the group accusing a senior male counterpart for making sexual advancements on them.

Ababu Namwamba who is the Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade is accused of using the outfit to push for Ruto’s agenda in the county ahead of the 2022 General elections.

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In a twitter post, Ababu had congratulated BUPA for their launch and spoke of an specified appreciation from the Deputy President whrich turned out it was a donation of Kshs, 100,000 for the launch that BUPA received from DP Ruto.

What is not clear, is how an association of professionals can accept to be taken for a ride by a small sum such as Kshs, 100,000?

Do these so-called professionals even respect their professions? A member of BUPA when tasked with the questions stated that the Kshs. 100k was only for buying Soda and that it was normal to get such donations; then one is left to wonder how such an conglomerate of professionals cannot mobilise its own resources to use in such a thing as important as a launch.

An association of professionals is as important as a church hence deserving some respect. If the church is given Kshs, 10 million on a single Sunday , why can’t people who are supposedly working to give you a political mileage get a mere Kshs,. 100K?

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There are other better managed professional bodies which attract better packages. For example St John Charity workers received Kshs. 10 million personal donation from president Uhuru Kenyatta, even an association of former university students can manage to attract or donate Kshs, 20 million.

Why does BUPA demean itself?
It’s common knowledge that Ruto is using Ababu Namwamba as an entry point into Busia, and it is not wrong to speculate that such an amount given to a professional body is an insult.

Whether the Deputy President gave his usual figure is a story for another day. See, Ababu is Ruto’s pointman so for Ruto to give him 100k is quite demeaning.

In a county that has great professionals and leaders in various position of the civil and private sectors, how can they only attract Kshs. 100k? Or did Ruto value them at that?


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