Why Engineer Vincent Sidai Is A Self Seeker


Eng. Vincent Sidai who was the Busia County Governor Sospeter Ojamong’s leading competitor at the last general elections is a self seeker who does not have the Busia County’s development and its peoples’ priorities at heart.

What clearly emerged is that Eng. Sidai intended to use the Governor’s position in the County to exploit its people, resources, monetary allocations from the national government and development projects to enrich himself through skewered contracts.

Facts have already emerged that immediately after he lost to bag the Busia County Governorship, at the last general elections, he immediately dumped his top campaign team that nearly got him the County’s gubernatorial seat as he embarked on viciously exploiting the resources and opportunities in the county through his company.

Eng. Sidai has proved that he lacks leadership values as required by the County residents and leadership demands but simply proved that he is more of a family man. Sidai whose campaign team raised funds for his campaigns when they all knew very well how much money a company by the name SOW Construction which he co-owns with two other fellow engineers was making millions to date has deliberately avoided a team that fought so hard for him but instead concentrated more to his family and business.

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History has shown that a true leader you must cover your key people in the sense that if you lose you lose together as a team and if you win you all win together that has been and remains the tradition that Presidents of the United States have entrenched for the world to copy and succeed in sound leadership of collective responsibility.

Surprisingly Eng. Sidai through his company continues enjoying the fruits of the County through contracts that the company acquired in highly questionable circumstances including constructing the first ever Busia County’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at a cost of Ksh.50 million and in addition being awarded by the Jubilee government a position to sit on the board of Kenya Pipeline Corporation (KPC) a position he was given by his close friend the Deputy President William Ruto.

The worst irony of the whole business is the fact again when you hear his voice from the public domain he would be somewhere at some funeral criticizing his opponent at the last general elections, the sitting Busia County Governor for alleged poor service delivery in the County.

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Time has come when the people of Busia County must resolutely decide to make the right decisions when it comes to electing leaders with clear parameters of high integrity and commitment to service of the people and development of the County instead of greed and selfish profiteering interests because it is extremely bad to imagine if they had elected someone who is very much into himself.


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