Busia Public Participation On Fiscal Strategy Boycotted


The county government of Busia has once again shown it’s laxity when it comes to county affairs. Yesterday the Ministry of Finance hosted its Public participation session for County Fiscal Strategy Paper 2017/2018 at Agricultural Training College (ATC) Busia.

Busia Governor Sospeter Ojaamon’g

As usual as it has been the case the event was marred by low turnout of both the County officials and the public at large as shown by the empty chairs in the hired tents for the event. This has always been the case when it comes to budget preparations and even drafting of laws.

In 2014 Justice Odunga ruled on what is reasonable public participation. In the case of Robert N. Gakuru & Others v Governor Kiambu County & 3 others 2014 ruled that the exercise should not be a mere formality and Counties should take into account notice periods, frequency, feedback mechanisms, reasonable periods for public participation for policy and for legal matters, and the form or mode of public participation.

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What was witnessed in Busia was just a mere formality, only one Minister was available and immediately left after technically appearing.  Busia has in the past been accused by wanainchi of not effecting the views given by them.

In the Fiscal paper Revenue Projection of 635,063,311 is expected for 2017 include Agricultural Training College (ATC) Busia 6,942,000, Bus parking fees 50,447,300, Markets stalls/kiosk Income 4,857,600, Land rates 6,968,400, Mortuary Fees 1,536,000, Title Deeds, Registration of Documents, Search charges, Attestation, Inspection 182,160, Tractor Hire Services 4,857,600 .

The projected development expenditure stands at Ksh. 2,380,447,884 and this represents a drop from 42.5 to 32.54 percent of total budget while employee compensation and Operation and Maintenance are projected at Ksh 2,756,267,244 and 2,178,261,423 respectively.

Among the top three big ministry spenders will include Health and Sanitation 1,702,411,427, Finance and ICT- 919,822,573 Public Works, Transport, Road and Energy-816,089,608.

Notice: The Empty Hired Tents

One angry resident reacted on how things are run in the county saying that Busia County need to look at other platforms that will ensure full public participation in the budget making process. “Murang’a County has well established cooperative structures that the county government uses to reach the masses for public participation and especially on the budget processes”, Rosemary Akinyi sighted.

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