Jubilee Mole in ODM Exposes Himself Triple Times

President Uhuru Kenyatta and Ababu Namwamba

At long last the much touted Jubilee mole in the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) has exposed himself after denying countless times and taking Kenyans for a fools merry go round for years.

The current Labour Party of Kenya (LPK) leader and former ODM Secretary General Ababu Namwamba confronted with accusations of being a Jubilee mole by his senior colleagues in ODM vehemently denied the accusations, but what has come to pass is proving otherwise.

It has been nearly three years when a whistle was blown by senior ODM party officials and Members of Parliament that without knowing the party was harbouring a Jubilee mole within its ranks.

At that time Ababu was a senior official of the party and seriously gunning for its Secretary General’s position which he secured amid much acrimony and fallouts among the officials who were fighting for the part positions.
At the time indeed there many acrimonious accusations and counter accusations, denials and counter denials but time has proved after that indeed Ababu by all emerging evidence, circumstantial or not was the Jubilee mole.

After highly convoluted and circuitous merry go round in what is clearly a deliberately crafted and executed maneuvers and outright playing around with Kenyans’ intelligence, the Budalangi legislator Ababu Namwamba has publicly admitted though not directly that indeed he was a jubilee mole.

During President Uhuru Kenyatta’s last official visit to Busia recently, he told the gathered crowds that his party LPK was going to closely work with President Kenyatta’s Jubilee administration conveniently forgetting that immediately he quit ODM and buying the LPK he denied claims that he was working in cahoots with Jubilee.
When Deputy President William Ruto who it was rumoured dished out to Ababu Namwamba more than Kshs. 280 million publicly declared that the legislator’s defection was going to land him in Jubilee – he denied, but Ruto has since been proved correct.

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The Namwamba declaration during President Kenyatta’s official tour to closely work with Jubilee administration clearly shows how much the legislator has tried to hoodwink Kenyans but in the end actually making a fool of himself and at the same time conveniently forgetting that Kenyans have long memories.
Therefore who can take him seriously when he also denies allegations that the Deputy President had dished out to him more than Kshs. 280 million to defect from ODM and buy the LPK in close collaboration with his neighbor in Funyula constituency Paul Otuoma whom he (Ababu) allegedly shortchanged.
The duo had been highly vocal in their acrimonious departure from the ODM where Otuoma was the party’s national Vice Chairman with harsh rhetoric lashed at the party’s leader Raila Odinga who literally baby sat Ababu into politics like a father raising up a toddler to adulthood.
It is very telling that Otuoma who was equally vocal in their criticism of Odinga and the ODM style of leadership, after Ababu went to LPK after the Deputy President’s influence went loudly silent and quietly slinked back to the bosom of Raila Odinga.

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What has since emerged is that Namwamba is first and foremost a self seeker for personal gain; a fatal tendency that saw him un-ceremoniously bundled out of the chairmanship of the powerful Parliamentary Public accounts Committee (PAC) with widespread accusations of receiving bribes to compromise some of the committees’ assignations.

Therefore it comes as no surprise that following Ababu’s declaration at the President’s rally a section of the LPK members “distanced themselves from the recent Busia declaration by the Party Leader Ababu Namwamba that he would support President Kenyatta and Jubillee.”
The members termed it as “a roadside declaration” saying they were not ready to dance to Ababu’s hymns adding that Ababu was – “a self seeker who was only out to satisfy his own selfish interests.”
“Political symbolism cannot be ignored. Ababu’s Busia declaration was his own sentiments and not the party’s stand. He never consulted anybody in the party,” said one member who did not want to be mentioned for fear of victimization.

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The furious members said that so far party delegates have not met to declare LPK public display of affection for Jubilee party or its leaders.
This goes a long way in exposing the treachery and ought right falsehoods that appear to have become the hall mark of Namwamba’s way of doing business in the murky world of Kenya’s politics.
What is emerging is the fact that “Generali” despite making spirited accusations of impropriety as the PAC leader and being bundled out acrimoniously from that position seems to have learnt nothing that false denials will never hide the truth for long.
Indeed it emerged that there had been deeply entrenched improprieties within the Ababu led PAC team and that is why they were bundled out of office with the support of some members of the ODM party, unfortunately some MPs who were innocent were not spared victimization – as the saying goes one worm spoiled the entire bunch of mushrooms.

The other thing is that can he explain to the electorate why his earlier persistent denials of working in cahoots with the Jubilee administration? Why has all of a sudden changed his mind to be an ardent Jubilee collaborator? Therefore is the LPK not just an appendix of the Jubilee party?


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