The Day I came Face to Face with GSU at Mumias


On Tuesday night, Nov 22, 2016, Booker Police post was attacked and a policeman severely injured with several guns and ammunition being stolen.

The following morning, Nov 23, 2016, a massive security operation (still ongoing) was launched to recover the stolen guns and ammunition.

Granted, the guns and ammunition have to be recovered. But what methods the state is using to make the recoveries belongs to the 18th century. Force, thuggery, rape and plunder is what is going on in Mumias as i write.

Personally, on Nov 23, 2016 Police broke into my commercial premises, assaulted my tenants clients (who included a CID officer) inflicting serious injuries on the watchman at 6pm and chased away everybody leaving the place uninhabited the whole night.

The following morning we discovered a motor vehicle engine was missing in one of the building’s rooms they broke into. What is happening is actually theft,rape,robbery and brutalization by our boys in uniform.

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We have always read on different media about security operations in other places but if what is happening in mumias is what has been happening in other places, then we don’t have a government.

That some police boss (Tito Kilonzi) is quoted denying that there was not excess and uncouth behavior by the police, then as a country we have been thrown under the bus.

The evidence of police misusing state power is everywhere, let the police boss stop hoodwinking Kenyans by commenting on his weakness as a boss who failed to prevent loss of the guns and ammunition.

Rather than laughing at the miseries he is misusing state facilities and resources to inflict pain,injury,suffering to the very people who pay him. Let the recovery process be intelligence based rather than force driven and I can assure you, our ribs, faces, legs the police are breaking will be found very innocent.

So will be the doors, furniture and windows they have been breaking to recover the stolen guns. There could be more than meet the eye in this Mumias guns theft. Police must stop brutality on innocent Kenyans!

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