KNUT & KUPPET Stand On Wiper Party’s Allegations On Its Members Involvement In Machakos Senatorial By-election


Teachers and other civil servants have participated as elections officials in the history of Kenyan elections, not at any point the IEBC, TSC and PSC or any other constitutional commission has ever barred teachers and civil servants from participating in elections as officials.

When IEBC advertised for the election officials, it did not bar teachers from applying, in fact, there was a deficit in some areas and IEBC through social media appealed to the public to apply, especially polling clerks.

Why is wiper so bitter with teachers working for IEBC in this by-election when their payslips are still bleeding after the lifting of the tax relief?

Could Wiper be part of the historical system that has always prevented teachers from earning more?

Last general elections, wiper and MCCP fronted candidates, IEBC conducted the election; teachers and civil servants participated as officials and none of the political parties complained.

Why this time round? Therefore, we want to condemn the wiper party’s careless allegations of dragging our teachers in the machakos political tussles with the strongest words possible; teachers are professionals who have always remained non-partisan and operate within strict guidelines of CORT and Code of Ethics and dragging them in political competitions would be compromising their work and intimidating them.

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As unions, we there fore call upon our teachers to ignore the Wiper party’s allegations and urge them to continue delivering their services without any fear or favour as provided in the Basic Education Act, 2015 and Code of Regulations for Teachers(CORT) 2015.

Thank you.

Signed By:

1. Martin Mutisya: KUPPET assistant Executive secretary, Machakos County.

2. Daniel Nginga: KNUT vice chairman, Eastern Region.

Dated 28. 2. 2021.


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