Young Technocrats Endorse Katuku for Machakos Senate


The association believe the Maendeleo Chap Chap Party’s candidate has enough experience to push for youth sensitive legislation in the senate.

Kamba Young Technocrats (KAYOTE) has formally endorsed Former minister of water Hon. Mutua Katuku for election in the Machakos senatorial by-election.

Led by national secretary general Alex Nzyoki the association’s officials gave their statement at a Machakos hotel clearly mentioning their intention to offer support through campaigning for the MCCP’s candidate.

“It calls for a person who has served in government since his youth to understand and represent our ideology in the national Senate”, read the statement.

“There was a reason our former president Mwai Kibaki entrusted Hon. Katuku for a ministerial position as a youth.”

“This is the same reason we believe he has the young technocrats and entrepreneurs needs at heart and can push for our agenda in the senate”, they further stated.

The KAYOTE association members dismissed the wiper party and URP candidates as mere political toys with no agenda for the youthful majority.

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Majority of youths in Machakos County are formally educated but lack employment opportunities. This has lead to an influx of the youth in the various urban centres in the county looking for informal employment opportunities.

MCCP’s Katuku has promised to be at the forefront in pushing for legislation for youth focused investment in counties.


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