OPINION: Why The West-Uhuruto Alliance Is Suspect


“The Jubilee Rule Is Out To Destabilize Kenya”


President Trump

Be wary of the United States of America (USA), everywhere they’ve gone in the name of instilling democracy they’ve caused chaos.

Imagine America invaded Iraq in order to bring democracy to that country,
Imagine America invaded Afghanistan in order to bring democracy to that country and also, imagine, that America invaded our closest neighbors, Somalia, in order to bring democracy to that country.

All the above mentioned countries and other unmentioned, though you already know, are currently ungovernable and all points to an American intervention to bring democracy to those countries.

Now, Kenya is not at war, Kenya is a relatively peaceful country in the tumultuous horn of Africa.

Of course, we’ve had coup attempts but those did not succeed. We’ve also had massacres perpetrated by the security forces in Wajir, West Pokot, Kisumu and Turkana, but we’ve managed to pull through. In short, we’ve ‘accepted and moved on’.

But what is the cost of such a vile dogma as ‘Accept and Move on’?. We saw it rear it ugly head after the disputed 2007 elections, where people who thought that a new age of justice had finally dawned but not, descended on their neighbors with machetes, arrows and rungus.

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Peace does not mean that justice has been done. The west represented by the European Union (EU) and USA, are once again at the center of Kenya’s most disputed elections yet, even with the massive evidence of irregularities in the 2017 general elections, the west has unanimously declared that ‘in order to entrench democracy, the opponents of the presidential results in the just concluded general elections, 2017, should seek legal redress’.

Most Kenyans who have browsed through the IEBC portal of form 34As and 34Bs know clearly that the transmission of the poll results were interfered with. I will not delve into that here.

NASA has revealed to us how that was done. Many times, most Kenyans have also showed that through social media exchanges.

But the short of it, according to NASA’s election petition, is that:- Some polling stations were fake and allegedly used to inflate numbers; Unavailability of Forms 34As and Forms 34Bs after results have been transmitted. [wp_ad_camp_2]

The one thing you should be afraid of is that USA, the bastion of democracy the land which majority of the world looks at as such, endorsed a clearly flawed poll. But why? Is it because of the oil in Turkana and some other parts of Kenya? Might be.

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As I see it, we are living in dangerous times, the rise of fascism and nationalism around the
world threatens our peaceful co-existence.

We’ve seen beautiful cities such as Baghdad and Aleppo reduced to rubbles. Meaning, if the greedy powers that be, want to destroy a country, no matter how beautiful or populous a country
is, they’ll destroy it.

War benefits the west. And if a country has oil, that is enough reason to destabilize it.

By endorsing the corrupt and illegitimate UhuRuto government. The western powers have created a dictatorship, which has already risen and is threatening the Civil Societies.

This dictatorship has risen on the premise that Americans knew we had rigged elections but still endorsed us. “mta do?” [wp_ad_camp_2]

began labelling anything on social media, even if it is true, as FAKE NEWS.

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Now, the problem will arise when we shall have people fighting back. Causing civil disturbance which I fear it might also divide our security forces.

Remember an unstable country with oil deposits will never know peace. The eagle has landed.

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