OPINION: Why Jubilee Could Not Lose The Elections

Uhuru Receiving Certificate From IEBC

Jubilee were in power for five years while Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto were at the helm.

The two guys were brought together by the need to survive the International Criminal Court (ICC) charges.

They managed well and now five years after taking power in a shambolic elections; where Kenyans, led by Right Honorable Raila Odinga chose peace instead of protesting the dishonest elections.[wp_ad_camp_2]

There were four different overall registers that were used and in some places voter turnout was more than 100%.

How about that? See AFRICOG assessment: “The use of multiple lists resulted in a number of problems, including registered voters whowere unable to vote because their details did not appear on any list, unregistered individuals
permitted to vote and turnout exceeding 100 percent”-AfriCOG, 2014: 11-14).

It is 2017, and we’ve had another election and as it is expected; the duo (Uhuru and Ruto) with the help of the corrupt Ezra Chiloba and the international powers, have carried out another massive fraud on the Kenyan people.

The Right Honorable Odinga Said, of the elections; ‘The fraud Jubilee has perpetuated on Kenyans surpasses any level of voter theft in our country’s history.

This time we caught them’.
In 2013, Issack Hassan oversaw a fraudulent election, this is public knowledge especially to those who care to read analysis from Uraia, AFRICOG, Society for International Development
(SID) and others.[wp_ad_camp_2]

But there are a couple of reasons why this chaps are hell-bent on staying in power even though the results by IEBC were clearly rigged.

I meant the IEBC was and is still not sincere. IEBC was
increasingly seen as partisan agency, favoring Jubillee side of government.

The killing of Chris Msando, the man charged with the fool-proof IT systems for elections, dented the already low
credibility of the IEBC.

We are told that Jubilee hired the services of a ruthless PR firm that goes by the name Cambridge Analytica, to do their bidding with Kenyans.

In case you haven’t noticed, when you search anything online on google, the first item that comes up is a website dedicated to show Raila as an
evil man.

Which is not the case. As @KinyanBoy says, the Cambridge Analytica this time targeted the International Community, they made them fear that this country would disintegrate if they didn’t support UhuRuto. In short
they ‘arm-twisted’ the western countries to be party to the fraud that Jubilee has already

However, any normal thinking Kenyan can reflect back and see that one of the most peace loving Kenyan leader is Raila Odinga.

Dig this. Now, Uhuru and Ruto wouldn’t wanna lose this elections for the following reasons, the reason are given in no particular order of importance: —

Reasons 1: Corruption: Raila is a no- nonsense guy. He has promised to deal with corruption, and this was surely going to pass. Most of the people in Jubilee have been adversely mentioned
in scandal and truth be told. If Raila took power, they’d be investigated and charged; and if found guilty, jailed.

Now the Jubilee thieves fear jail, lose of assets and money. Wouldn’t accept.

Reason 2: TJRC Report: Raila has vowed to implement the report. Now the report will bring justice and peace to Kenya. However, the jubilee duo and their cronies and masters can’t tolerate
that since it will take away large swathes of land from them and put some of their friends in jail.
There are many other injustices that would’ve been corrected i.e.; issues of ghost workers, fair distribution of revenue to the counties, fair creation of jobs through industries, cut on recurrent
budget, cut in the wastage of over 600 billion shillings e.t.c.

Verdict: Due to the corruption allegations, the men behind the power of Jubilee Government wouldn’t want it to lose. Most of them have a corruption case against them and they fear the game changer; Raila Odinga who promises to bring justice to Kenya.

Finally, even though these guys might cling to power with all the evils they have done:
remember the artificial maize shortage, the looting of funds including one meant for the Mothers, children and people living with HIV/AIDS, the two times the president has lost his cool and told Turkanas and Kambas that he doesn’t need their votes, the sensitive oil revenue sharing formular
in Turkana, the lack of balance in state jobs appointments, the open disregard to the plea by
Kenyans when they ask that those involved in corruption be charged and if found guilty jailed.

Kenyans are tired and Jubilee might rule for years if their rigging is sustained, but a time will come when a people will rise and a ‘Gaddafi’ will fall.

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