Its Time To Fight Depression Amongst Our Youths

Late Ivy Wangechi who was murdered by boyfriend

Depression is a fast-growing killer disease among our youthful-generation in Kenya, every time we encounter strange stories happening we cannot miss to find a young and promising Kenyan getting involved.

This effect sometimes forces people to wonder whether some youth still value their ways of lives.
Among the causative agents are cases of poor mentorships which leads to weak approach among unemployed youth and other job seekers, cheatings in relationships, harsh living lifestyles which promises nothing but tough times ahead.
The major effects of depression have two dimensions and is caused by;
Prolong frustrations has been known to cause this depression, here weak minds or negative thinking amount to huge impacts in causing depression among affected individual.
Leading to separation or total disconnection in society. Frustration is generated internally and piled slowly in mind for years before it affects individual to an extend of taking actions beyond is/her thinking.
little knowledge on how to approach harsh living conditions for instance in Kenya has forced many people to either change tactics of living or giving in and start breaking the law through stealing or indulging in drugs which is not solution at all.
During this period, few people share their health status and living conditions and end up surviving, others cannot do so and end up getting enslaved by the burden of depression.
Another serious factor which promotes depression is living in a denial live, it is not easy to open easily to people especially on matters of intimacies, individual health and other serious and confidential issues which needs agency and good approach.
Many youth will accept to die alone because they will not withstand humiliation from their colleagues who are ready to expose.
It is hard to conclude what others are going through, you will only realize after actions or results has been achieved.
Few people believe in themselves and they trust their friends with their information have so they share and acquire solution while the larger percentage want to share but they feel insecure about information its outcome, so they choose to keep information and end up with problems’ coined phrase” wacha ni pambane na hali yangu” simply clarifies this facts, this selfish term generalizes what a Kenyan youth goes through while beating their odds in daily hustle.
I recommend that a Kenya youth to pray continually, rethink about seeing a mentor, sharing information with an expert i.e. counsellor or psychologist or close friends on that matter, daily checking their health status  and remaining firm on issues because it will lead to overcoming daily setbacks and frustrations.


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