The Explosive Uhuru-Raila Comedy At Otuoma’s Son Funeral.


High profile drama involving President Uhuru Kenyatta and opposition leader Raila Odinga exploded last weekend over the attendance of the burial of Funyula legislator Paul Otuoma’s son at Bukiri village.

The drama erupted when  word reached Raila Odinga who was in Tanzania that President Kenyatta was scheduled to attend the burial.

Otuma at his home

Immediately Agwambo who was scheduled to fly by chopper to attend the home coming festivities of the new Anglican Church Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit in Narok diverted his flight to head for western
with the intention of attending the same burial.

However because of the heavy rains, he was forced to land in Kakamega to make arrangements to travel by road to Busia but word quickly reached Uhuru in Nairobi that Agwambo had diverted his schedule from Narok
to attend the burial at Dr.Otuoma’s home at Bukiri in Funyula Sub-County of Busia County.

At Bukiri Primary School everything had been set for the Presidential helicopter’s landing complete with a VIP gate, dais and Presidential throne set at Mr. Otuoma’s home where the advance Presidential security team and entourage had taken full control.

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Raila with ArchBishop Jackson Ole Sapit in Narok

However, things took a dramatic turn when President Kenyatta who was supposed to fly directly to Bukiri from Nairobi when he got wind that Raila was headed to the same destination quickly changed his mind and was forced to cancel the trip immediately.

However, on the ground the Presidential Security detail complete with his official limousine that was to drive him from the Bukiri Primary school grounds to Otuoma’s home and back to his chopper for the flight back to Nairobi were caught in cat
ch 22 as they waited for the head of state who had already changed his mind.

Their anxiety was mollified when a call came through from State house informing them and Dr Otuoma’s family that the President had cancelled his plans to attend the burial because of “bad weather.”

Immediately the Presidential team on the ground started first by un-covering and carrying away the Presidential throne from the dais packed it and the red carpet in a transport truck before clamouring in their cars and speeding away.

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Empty Presidential Dias at the Funeral.

As the drama unfolded on the ground – Raila who was preparing to travel by road from Kakamega to Bukiri was quickly informed by his henchmen on the ground that Uhuru had just ch
anged his plans to attend the burial and the Presidential advance team had alr
eady left.

Agwambo immediately turned around – back to his chopper, off into the air and headed straight to Narok to attend the Anglican Church Archbishop’s homecoming festivities since he was elected to that position.


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