Khetias Fights Accusations To Restore Customer Confidence


The giant multi-million shillings western Kenya supermarket chain Khetias is committed to ensure that its customers get quality products and services despite challenges from suppliers.

Khetias Supermarket

There are also challenges to ensure that high quality services and goods are served to their customers which must be met on a daily basis all year around, but they beat them to keep ahead of competitors in the region.

The Operations manager Mr. Bernard Andera said: “We regret any shortfalls that some of our customers may have experienced while shopping in some of retail outlets based in the region because we are committed to ensure that our customers get high quality products and services compared to our competitors.”

This comes after recent reports indicated some irregularities in services and products from some of the branches which triggered public concerns but were verified to have originated from some of its supply chains and their packaging processes.

Mr. Andera said it was imperative for customers to get value for their money, their voices to be heard, their complaints and grievances addressed promptly to maintain an excellent customer relations and the chain to provide higher quality services in response to their needs.

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“I therefore appeal to our esteemed Customers to contact the management whenever they are aggrieved so that their problems can be addressed without necessarily causing panic by running to the media since that would only but damage the good image of Khetias,” he said.

The Operations Manager said that indeed there were some issues such as a mix up in pricing which cannot be easily avoided but can be quickly rectified when brought to the attention of the management at whatever branch the customers may be shopping in the branches scattered all over the region.

He said: “ I want to urge our esteemed customers that they should be quick to seek help from any attendant. With such quick actions their needs shall be certified to the hilt and shortfalls corrected on the spot.”

On the critical question of expired foods, Mr. Andera said that such cases are isolated as the supermarket has always taken keen interest in selling to Customers fresh foods at all times.

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That arose when some customers recently bought Vanilla Biscuits which had started molding a clear indication that they had expired, a matter which was brought to the attention of Angaza News that ran a story concerning that and other matters.

Following the publication, a spot check by Angaza News established that all the vanilla biscuits suspected to have gotten spoilt had been cleared from the shelves and replaced by fresh ones.

Khetias Supermarket

The chain supermarkets operations manager said: “Indeed we quickly contacted the supplier on the same matter to find out where the problem originated and it was discovered that there was a hitch in packaging of the biscuits where some were wrapped while still warm hence causing them to get spoilt so quickly.”

He said that considering the massive challenges facing the supermarket industry in the country the Khetia chain of supermarkets will continue working closely with the community to ensure that their total satisfaction was met across the board.

The chain is still performing superbly compared to the once traditional giants like Nakumatt, Tusskys, Uchumi that had had branches virtually in all corners of the country but have collapsed mainly to internal management challenges.

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Their giant presence was once conspicuous in all corners of Nairobi’s Central Business District (CBD) and strategically placed in every residential estate around and beyond the city but now they are quickly being replaced by the Quickmatt supermarket chain a recent entrant in the sector.

Across the western Kenya region the known players in the sector, perhaps to the scale of Khetias are Tessia, Frankmatt among others.

Started in 1982 as a small enterprise in Kitale, Khetias has over the years ballooned into a multi-million shillings entity that continues to spread across the region annually using more than Kshs.3 million to reward some of its ardent customers.

The giant headquartered in Kitale with branches in Bungoma, Kakamega, Eldoret, Busia, Webuye among a myriad of other towns in the region has massive regional operations that could equate the emerging Quickmatt, the grounded Tussky’s and Nakumatt in Nairobi.


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