Former Minister for Water Sets The Pace in Machakos Senatorial By-election


55 years old Hon. John Mutua Katuku is definitely the man to beat in the forthcoming senatorial race in Machakos County.

Vying on a Maendeleo Chap Chap Party ticket, Katuku who holds a Masters Degree in Sociology from Kenyatta University, will be seeking to replace the late Hon. Kabaka as Machakos Senator.

The People’s Trust Party founder and leader left to join and vie on a MCCP party ticket after striking a working partnership with Governor Hon. Dr. Alfred Mutua in the interest of development of Machakos County.

Having a served as a cabinet minister and assistant minister in former president Mwai Kibaki’s government, the Nairobi University alumni is undeniably prominent in public governance.

Hon. Katuku served as Mwala Member of Parliament for two terms (1997-2007) that saw him being the first legislator to set a development kitty (CDF) in the constituency.

Having been elected straight from university he grew to become one of fiercest opposition MPs who contributed immensely to the removal of the Moi’s KANU regime from power.

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Katuku won the heart of President Kibaki to be appointed to such powerful cabinet positions at such a young age further proves his immense ability to deliver in a Senatorial capacity.

As assistant minister he served under the late Hon. David Mwiraria for three years where both were tasked with national economic transformation under the new NARC government under then new president, Mwai Kibaki.

He is credited with the economic recovery strategies which saw a steady economic growth and creation of many jobs. Under their tenure Kenya’s GDP grew from 0.55% to 2.93% in two years.

He is also credited with growth of the bodaboda sector through the zero-rated importation of motor bikes.

Under his stewardship, Mwala CDF kitty prioritized on the water and education sector. His water projects in his constituency and his achievements in the finance docket caught the eye of President Kibaki culminating into his promotion from an assistant minister in the finance docket to Water Minister.

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During his 18 months as Water minister Minister he was criticized for giving the former Machakos District the lion share of water projects.

This saw 20 small dams and 28 boreholes sunk in the district in only 18 months at the Water ministry. This also included rehabilitation of water supply in all major towns and trade centers in the former Machakos District.

Katuku also intiated the Kabaa Irrigation Scheme in Mwala and the Kayata Irrigation Scheme in Kangundo/ Matungulu sub-counties.

Following the proclamation of the new constitution Machakos District was given a County status.

Katuku has additional funding to devolution as his top priority as he seeks to become the third senator of Machakos.

He is seen as the man to beat in the race having worked with majority of bigwigs in the various political outfits in the country, donors and other development partners.

From his background as a fierce opposition lawmaker, Hon. Katuku has all it takes to play the oversight role in the senate.

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