Passion to Kill Karateng’s Status Quo


Mr. Okello Isaiah Onyango has the burning desire to change the status quo, and bring fresh opinions and alternatives which would work better if not best for the ultimate good of the youth and for sure of entire villages in the constituency.

After college he has been attending a number of community gatherings most which he was part of the persons who engineered them to take place. Through them it was noted that a large number of the young, while talented and richly endowed with ideas wasted away on readily available illicit brew with the all too familiar tune of unemployment.


Which according to youth appears to have been instituted by the ruling class over the years who have consistently only used them during campaigns and left them to hung around sooner after successfully dividing them into the various sub clans that exist within the constituency.

Onyango says that it is against this gloomy backdrop and following vast consultations that he therefore would like to change this wrong. “Which has been there for so long that it feels like the norm, I have an even deeper hunger; I have this yearning for a better world. And because of that, I have an honest intention to do better,” he added.

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It’s during such gatherings that he was able to pick minds of the locals on various projects with focus mostly on the vulnerable, youths and the elderly. Great insights were received and what stood paramount was the overwhelming desire of most of the population for a radical, true and tangible development based politics and policies formulated and suited for these special groups of people.

Onyango said: “Post medical school I led a body of young professionals from North west Karateng ward which together were able to mobilize resources among themselves and with various friends including a renowned pharmaceutical company to facilitate various developmental projects including rolling out of periodic medical camps and wellness clinics in and around the locality and sourcing of funding for sponsorship for the school going.”

Through these activities the die seems to have been cast to battle the status quo in which communities from his home area have been consigned into apparent perpetual permanent perennial poverty and exploitation.

The genesis of the name Okello Isaiah Onyango ironically does not come from his home roots in Karateng of Kisumu County in western Kenya but right in the country’s capital city Nairobi.

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“This was the name given to a newborn delivered in the now infamous Pumwani Maternity hospital close to two decades and a half ago to a humble clerk father who doubled up as a man of the cloth for a native church and a Lab technologist mother, says Isaiah.

He says this infant was years later to start Pre School and eventually proceeded to Primary school education in the dusty estates of Eastlands estates in Nairobi with incredible ease as reported by one of his now retired teacher.

He managed to go through the 8 year primary course in record 7 years as an arrangement made between his then teachers and parents that saw him go from term one of class 7 and jumped straight to the senior class 8.

It was here also that his leadership qualities too started emerging as he was elected class head and also chaired or co chaired various clubs within the school and even post primary education he remained and served in various positions in the school.

Onyango says that he was to later join medical college, and though with the strenuous and demanding course programme and warnings from his tutors for him not to get into any political contests he still remained steadfast and had major influences in the campaigns and subsequent elections of various members of the student representative council.

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It was here that his desire to bring change grew more ambitious and wanted to do more and have wider responsibilities concerning youth and leadership in general. During his stint in campus he organized various outreach programmes for health education and awareness together with his friends which saw them do this on rotational basis to visit each and every participant’s rural homes.

This where Onyango says he came face to face with the stark realities of lack of development, poverty, access to quality education, water, electricity, roads, health services worse even food for the daily survival hit him hard in the face.

To the realization that there was an acute need for radical change and a radical personality to engineer these changes to consign the perennial vicious circle of poverty and lethal brews’ consequences – now what remains is for him to prove his worth in today’s highly competitive and very expensive elective political leadership in Kenya.

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