EXPOSED: How Projects In Nambale Worth Millions Have Been Abandoned And Left To Rot


The Slaughterhouse Worth Ksh15m

Leaders must be made to account for all the money spent on ghost projects in Nambale Constituency.

Residents of Nambale led by Aggrey Ongoma have now expressed concerns as to why tens of millions of shillings were spent on ghost projects and some whose costs were inflated.

“We cannot just sit down and keep quiet as some of our leaders continue stealing our money without shame”,said Ongoma.

His sentiments follows claims that a slaughterhouse built seven years ago in Nambale opposite Magnet School which costed Ksh15 million had been abandoned and left to rot.

He called on the former MCA for Nambale Township ward Mr. Godfrey Odongo to come out and shade light on the matter since the said project was built in his Ward and during his tenure terming it as misuse of public resources.

“As the area MCA then Odongo should explain to the public how a small structure of that kind could cost a whopping Ksh15m and never condemned or questioned”, he said.

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Some of the questionable projects that residents are demanding for answers which money was allocated but never kicked off or their costs were exaggerated include; Nambale Mortuary, Lab, Theater, Ward and Empowerment Youth Center.

Efforts to reach Mr. Odongo for comments bore no fruits as his phone went an answered.


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