Stop Undermining Our MP -Teso South Residents Tell Ojaamong


The handshake between Teso South MP Hon. Geoffrey Omuse and former MP Hon. Mary Emaase is something that residents must fully welcome and be proud of.

Residents of Teso South led by John Omachar said that the handshake should be embraced by all in order to steer development in the area to another level adding that the news about Emaase agreeing to support Omuse had been received with great joy.

The residents further said that the development records of the two leaders is unmatched compared to the ten years Busia Governor Sospeter Ojaamong served as the area MP.

“We hear that Ojaamong wants to come here again and vie for MP seat in 2022. He is our son and we love him but he should go and join his fellow Governors in contesting for Presidency and not this small seat we shall support him”, Omachar said.

The residents who were addressing the Press in Simba Chai yesterday further reiterated that Ojaamong should use his position to give guidance to Hon Omuse to help him deliver to the people of Teso South instead of undermining his work.

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“Let Ojaamong come out in the open and tell us what is it that he is going to do for us that he was unable to do for the 10 years he served as the MP including being an Assistant Minister”, they said.


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