Why Parties Must Stop Favouring Candidates


As the country gears up to the general elections,it is certain that history will be made.

Mesoh Carnicius- Dagoretti N. People’s Choice
Beatrice Elachi- Dagorreti N. Jubilee’s Choice

It will be the most expensive and most anticipated election in current times of kenya.

I will be in line when i say that politics and reasoning has no measure,but thats not an excuse of office looting and embezelment of resources that every citizen yearns to utilize.

It is outright that particulary in kenya,podiums are to create a prime ruling class that maintains a prequel of fathers and sons.

We are loyalists and let this time cognitive communalism,sense,logic and thinking outwit the same tyranny of numbers that we have always expirienced as your vote is confidential,expensive and not even a packet of hand-out can buy it.

At the momment,it is either Jubilee or NASA.Aspirants are busy defecting with a state of humour that indipendent candidature is a missed strike.

The notion,is an output in correspondence with the mentality that other parties should espouse to either.I understand that neither of the two joint horses wants to lose the race,busy considering to avoid a re-run in office.

The concentration on the take on,is a focus point,but a duplicate of recycling the same dirt within the system without a filter if wrangles within the two coalitions are tearing the credibility of running free and fair primaries.

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In this case,i dig deeper into achives and extract an NTV interview by Trevor Mutuma to Johnson Sakaja then and present the national chairman of TNA on the bill to end party hoping post nominations six months ago.

On claims that most members of the assembly were armtwisted to fiction the bill sakaja responded and i quote.”Not necessarily armtwisted but pursuaded and the issues were explained to them…..we told them that troumers has been mainly caused by situations when we have party officials running the nominations and maybe you have a personal problem or they have preffered candidate or relative,”end of quote.

To my concern,it might be the same troumer that wiper party is expiriencing within the NASA coalition on a motion to have joint nominations.since that is not enough,I am bound to agree with the fact that jubilee is branding the interim electoral and boundaries commision to run the party balloting and secretly conspiring on how to rise to statue.

Democracy within the party seems to be deployed to fool the learned while full backup is bagged to predesignated, preffered and even confirmed candidates.

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The whole plot as it goes by majority,is to prevent recapture of seats by opposition and have “qualified” pros to mitigate non-abidance to the party.

If am to prove the realm,i go back to the store and this time bring you and interview on Women and leardership conducted by Lilian Muli to nominated senator Beatrice Elachi seven months ago on citizen television.

To give it a light,Dagoretti North is a potential hotspot in Nairobi for scramble of votes between the ruling government and the opposition.

This proof is in company of intense fear of cheating and conspiracy to concervate post by jubilee amid awaited april cast.

The presidential party camp,is fixed with queries about reserving their certificate in favour of Elachi for Dagorreti North.

They have forgoten that the same Carnicius Mesoh they term as and outsider to the party is the one who has helped them gain relevance and neutralize a vehemently oposition sided zone.

when she was asked about how she felt about Hillary Clinton being backed up by two American presidents,Bill Clinton and Barack Obama,this is what she said and i quote.”we have refused to institutionalize what political parties are,they are not vehicles to take you to the next level of being an mp,” end of quote.

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To you madam chief whip,to where then,did you cylce with TNA?Becoming a doctor,a teacher or a potential motivational speaker?Besides that,now you are eying to be a Dagorreti North member of parliament and nominations are at peep window,will the same sentiments still apply?Perhaps u hid the identity that you are the jubilees favourite.

No you knew a time will come when critics will spread that you are the mole and you will cry that you stood by party values and its time that it too stand by you just as the democrats backed Clinton.Party values that Anyango Oloo could not withstand.

It may not take grass root that this is true but let us kenyans coincide with the fact we have the elecronic votes and numbers.

Such pokes will get remedy,be consumed when initiatives such as LALA MACHO and FAGILIA WOTE take course.

Favourism is the same as nepotism and this eventually promotes tribalism.It is infringement of our Democratic right to be freely subjected under any trial and weight.


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