Tension Erupts At St Cecilia Nangina Over Principal’s Transfer

Mrs. Buyengo and Students of St. Cecilia Nangina

High tension has erupted at St. Cecilia Nangina Girls High School one of Busia county’s leading high schools following the crude transfer and un-ceremonious transfer of the Principal through what is alleged as political machinations as demand mount for the immediate revocation of the transfer.

Trouble erupted at the high school on Monday this week when Mrs Phinora Buyengo received a transfer letter to report to a junior secondary school in Migori county located in the former Nyanza province.

The parents, the teachers, the local residents and stakeholders of the catholic sponsored high school are pointing accusing fingers at the local Member of Parliament Oundo Mudenyo and one of his political operatives called Stephen Odebero of being behind the crude un-ceremonious move that has shocked the community.

They are up in arms against the legislator and his operative whom he had influenced to become the chairman of the school’s Board of Management (BOM) because the head teacher had transformed the institution in the best performing girls’ high school in Busia County.

During the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Schools Examinations (KCSE), St. Cecilia Nangina Girls High School was ranked the best of all the girls secondary schools in the county after the outgoing principal raised it out perennial dismal performances in that examination.

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One of the leaders from the community who declined to be named told Angaza News: “This is deliberate conspiracy by Mudenyo and his henchman Odebero in collaboration with a senior official in education ministry whom Odebero who is also the Busia County Education Board Chairman is having a questionable relationship with to remove the headmistress.”

He continued: “That is purely for personal selfish interests and not that of the school, the students, the parents, the teachers, the local community and the stakeholders of the institution and we demand for the immediate revocation of this transfer.”

The situation on the ground is so bad that parents, the local community and even the students who have been kept un-informed of the developments may go on rampage in protest against the move and the local MP with his henchman.

According to sources on the ground apart from the head teacher improving the academic performance of the county’s leading and oldest girls’ high school to sterling proportions, she had played a key role in helping students from poor families who could not meet the school fees and other educational demands.

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A parent at the institution George Makokha said: “The head teacher had even established a special committee to take care of the fees challenges facing the students.

This committee was charged with ensuring that no student was sent away from school because of un-paid school fees.”

Mr. Makokha says that members of the committee could visit the homes of then affected students find out from the parents the challenges they were experiencing in raising their children’s school fees then jointly find solutions to the problems to ensure that the children’s education was not affected.

“Some of the parents who could not raise the cash for fees but were experts in making bricks for construction were encouraged to do the bricks then deliver them to the institution which could then be converted into fees in monetary terms or maize so that the students remained in school,” he said.

It has emerged that the headmistress had established excellent working relationships right from the students, the teachers, and the non-teaching staff at the institution, the parents, and members of the local community and stakeholders that had seen a magical transformation of the institution and its performance in national exams.

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Her crude, secretive and un-ceremonial removal from the institution through political influence by Mr. Mudenyo who is also accused of planting his henchman Odebero in the school’s board to wreck it from within has sent shockwaves throughout Busia County.

It has also been observed that the school beat national schools located in the county in last year’s KCSE and such a transfer will be a lethal blow to the institution’s performance and that is why there is a blanket demand for the revocation of the head teacher’s transfer.

When reached for comment, Mudenyo refuted claims that he was behind Mrs Buyengo’s removal saying the transfers were not and that the Principal should not feel victimized.

On Odebero’s appointment to the School’s BOM, Mudenyo said that when Board positions in Funyula Constituency were announced Odebero expressed interest and he was vetted just like any other Kenyan and he qualified for the job. “So these allegations that I influenced his appointment are baseless and malicious”, he said.


  1. Am also not in support of Mrs Buyengo leaving the school…she has done great things for the school… not just academic wise but also developments within the institution.


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