Nambale Constituency Desperate for Drastic Change

Nambale MP John Bunyasi

The extremely high levels of poverty proportions Busia County’s Nambale Sub-county crowned with the equally extremely high handouts over-dependency syndromes amongst huge quantities of its residents demands for revolutionary change.

That is not just mere change but extremely drastic change starting from its leadership to completely swing around the entrenched mentalities concerning the above mentioned critical issues.

The consignment of the constituency to economic decay and collapse crowned with the highly extremely entrenched handouts dependence syndrome erupted with the election of the immediate former Member of Parliament Chrisanthus Barnabas Okemo.

Former Nambale MP Chris Okemo (R) and Former KPLC MD James Gichuru (L) in Court

His fifteen years stranglehold on the larger Nambale constituency over the years had been deliberately plotted, systematically refined and executed with deadly ruthlessness precision to virtually enslave the residents – it has since been divided to create Matayos constituency.

At the core of the whole schemes executed after every five years is the power of questionable colossal sums of money as deadly instruments wielded to subjugate, impoverish, dis-empower and completely enslave in perpetuity the targeted constituency residents who were actually consigned to virtual total bondage.

The manipulations executed with deadly precision apart from peonising the electorate had one ultimate goal of individual multi-billion shillings political business transactions to constantly replenish personal bank accounts and entrench personal political power.

The whole political imbroglio was deliberately designed not only to silence any dissenting voices, but also to ruthlessly destroy these voices financially, professionally, socially and including any imaginable aspect to sustain and degenerate further the already established status of wholesale economic decline of the constituency.

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The consequences of these deadly designs over the nearly fifteen years are already clearly manifest to the manipulated constituents – yet ironically they remain blind to the obvious beyond any human imagination as the wholesale rot, degeneration and disintegration continues to take a deadly blanket constriction to the entire constituency.

The rape and plunder of the constituency did not just involve the exploitation of the political office for lucrative business transactions or deals on the national front for personal monetary gains, but like a cancerous sore, permeated down to the constituency’s grassroots levels in every nook and cranny where every imaginable opportunity for financial gain was ruthlessly exploited to a bleeding wretch.

The story of the deliberately designed and executed manipulations did not begin in 1997, but well before that when the constituency was identified as a fat and productive cow to be exploited after winning the vote, that provides the cate blanche signature for the resources and opportunities to be raped and exploited in total by a single individual with his close cronies.

The first systematic ruthless subjugation and economic destruction of personalities, begun immediately after Okemo won the seat from former cabinet minister Phillip Masinde who is currently chairman of the Councils of Elders of Western Kenya Association – when Okemo engineered the cutting down of the then prominent personalities from Nambale popularly known as the seven tigers.

Out of the seven it is only Attorney General Amos Wako who survived the ruthless subjugation by virtue of the fact that his job has constitutional protection that could not be easily penetrated, though deliberate attempts are reported to have been made.

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It is from this background that with John Bunyasi taking over from Okemo at the last general elections on his second attempt after retiring from the World Bank becomes yet another challenge for the desperately needed change to revolutionize things for the Sub-county.

The worst emerging scenario is the fact Okemo after all the ills he established for the constituency is once again gunning to vie for the seat at this year’s general elections to resume his slavery of the constituents.

Considering his age and extremely horrendous performance during his 15 years tenure the constituents can be deadly sure of worse things rather the desperate change required to salvage them from the oblivion where they consigned by the same man.

Though Bunyasi may have tried in his first term tenure to bring about some semblance of change, what the constituency really desperately wants is a personality with tough revolutionary mentality for change to completely turn around the peoples’ mentalities and practices.

While defending that seat this time round Bunyasi is not only facing the former area MP in Okemo who is also his immediate cousin, but also another character who played a leading role in Okemo’s manipulations of the constituents his former aide.

At the same time there is also the question of one of Bunyasi’s competitors at the last general elections whom he defeated at the last general elections where he stood on an Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) ticket Geoffrey Mulanya a professional lawyer.

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The most critical question here is also whether Okemo is trying to make a comeback to constituency politics after being walloped at those of the senatorial by Amos Wako is particularly set to cover the massive he presided over during his tenure or is he harbouring a secret that the voters of the constituency are not aware – just like Eng. Dan Barasa is vying for the governorship of Busia County to apparently cover up his own messes at the National Irrigations Board?

There is also the entry of Kizito Namulanda who indeed brings in for the first young new blood, but is it capable completely bringing about the revolutionary change required in the constituency and pretty fast?

As for Mulanya it remains to be seen whether he will make any impact this time round after effectively failing to exploit the reigning ODM euphoria not only in Nambale constituency but virtually throughout the entire Busia County and with word going round that he is headed to Moses Wetangula’s Ford Kenya only time will tell of his significance in the race.

What is clear is that none of the personalities who have declared interest have the past record of initiating and effectively executing the desperately desired revolutionary radical changes to turn around the fortunes of the constituents including their attitudes massively.






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