Mudavadi Is The Storm of Change in Western Kenya Politics

Raila Odinga (L) and Musalia Mudavadi

The Moment the Amani National Congress (ANC) leader Musalia Mudavadi is confirmed the presidential flag bearer in 2017 elections the politics of the former Western Province will take a dramatic and irreversible revolution away from its traditional notoriety of being a fractured voting bloc.

The major point here being the fact that for two consecutive regimes, the communities of the region are fed up of playing second fiddle. First with retired President Moi who misused the same Musalia Mudavadi and was thoroughly rejected with his Uhuru Project in 2002 and his then ruling party Kanu.

It must not be forgotten that when Moi imposed Uhuru instead of Mudavadi who was forced to played second fiddle as his running mate, that sounded the complete and effective death knell of Kanu in western Kenya politics as the voters rebelled against it and even against Mudavadi and Moi’s Uhuru Project – forcing him to go into a political deep freezer for five years.

On his return into politics after the five years, the ANC leader shone all the way to the top national politics as Deputy Premier in the grand coalition government and minister for local government after re-capturing his Sabatia parliamentary seat and became the first personality from the region to be on the ballot paper as a presidential candidate.

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That is despite the fact that President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto had betrayed him before and after the last general elections, a fact that was not lost and forgotten by voters from western province whom the duo wanted merely to use and dump as had been the history.

That aside the communities of the region have also not forgotten the fact that retired President Kibaki also used them to play second fiddle in his two term regime starting with the late Kijana Wamalwa who died prematurely and replaced by Mood Awori who served Kibaki second fiddle for the rest of the two terms.

With the entry of President Kenyatta at the last general elections, he conveniently forgot that Musalia had literally sacrificed his own political career for him as a Moi Project at the former President’s behest as he embraced Ruto and left his old friend yet again in political limbo.

The biggest question many Western Kenya Communities have been asking themselves is that are they condemned to being used and dumped by other communities for their political convenience to ascend to power?

If the communities are the second leading in numbers within the country, why can’t they also use the tyranny of their numbers against those that have been exploiting them to bring change in Kenya?

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Indeed it is from this background that the resolve of the region’s communities this time round to go as a block for their own is resolute given the fact that Musalia was recently crowned as the community’s spokesperson at an event that was organised by COTU Secretary General Francis Atwoli in Kakamega’s Bukhungu stadium.

The question of their votes being bought by their own taxes to keep others power is no longer feasible as the emerging ideal seems to be eat the money and vote with your heart and conscience for your own to win or have the bargaining power.

The critical issue here being the fact that apart from resolutely and completely irrevocably having rebelled against Moi as a block with his Kanu that once dominated the region’s politics, the region’s communities have also proved through the last two constitutional referendums that they can vote as a block without being fragmented by external forces.

That is why this time round with a simple confirmation that if Mudavadi is confirmed as the presidential flag bearer from the region at the next general elections the politics of the former western province will never be the same. What many have been considering that the Luhya unity is a mirage, will be forced to go back on the drawing board again to figure out their political equations.

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It is also the reason why Ford Kenya’s leader and one of Cord’s principals, Moses Wetangula from Bungoma county who has also declared interest for the same seat will have no choice but to support the status quo if he was to remain relevant in the politics of Western and Nationally.

It goes without saying that Wetangula has extremely limited chances of being elected the Cord Presidential flag bearer in 2017 against Raila and Kalonzo Musyoka of Wiper thus leaving him to contest on a Ford Kenya ticket, yet that party has limited presence or influence restricted mostly to Wetangula’s Bungoma county with virtually no national influence and with Mudavadi joining forces with Kalonzo and Raila then he will be rendered


Whereas ANC and its leader command the rest of the region not to mention the fact that they too have a national appeal across the country, particularly with support from the former Coast province communities who have been equally exploited and marginalised by leaders from the former Central and Rift Valley provinces.


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