Police Fallacies Over the Burinda Violence Exposed


The Kenya Police must realize that the time to hoodwink and fool Kenyans with their protective lies involving crimes is over and learn to tell the hard truth as it is because constitutionally that is an imperative right they owe to Kenyans.

Police IG-Joseph Boinnet

They must also remember constantly that it is indeed the same Kenyans whom they are supposed to protect and their properties that pay for their salaries allowances, guns, houses and vehicles that they are using.

Therefore the recent response by police spokesman Assistant Inspector General (AIG) G. Kinoti on the Burinda police killing of a boda boda operative in Busia County is full of glaring holes into which Angaza News is going to poke holes into to set the record straight.

A Press Statement signed and released by Kinoti on behalf of the Inspector General Joseph Boinnet reads: “Today, 5th of January 2017 at about 9.00am in Busia County, a report was made to Burinda AP Camp that a bodaboda rider had   hit and injured a young girl. Two Officers proceeded to the scene and while attempting to arrest the offender, the suspect violently resisted arrest and attempted to snatch a rifle (AK 47) from a female officer.”

It goes on: “In the confrontation, a bullet was discharged and hit the officer on the right foot and also hit the suspect who sadly succumbed to the injuries.”First and foremost who made the report and did the police as required by law make any inquiries to establish the accuracy of the report? How can a single individual who is not armed violently resist being arrested by two police officers who are armed with powerful machine guns leave alone attempt to snatch one of the guns? What would he use the gun for when it is a known fact that most of these boda bodas are just school drop outs who do not know how to operate any gun?

Mr. Kinoti how do you want us to believe that two armed officers were totally un-able to subdue a single suspect who is not armed? Are you also telling us these two officers are not empowered with skills on how to subdue a suspect even if he is violent? What triggered him to be violent if he had not fatally or seriously injured the said girl in the accident?

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In the second quote Kinoti is telling as that in the ensuing confrontation a bullet was discharged which hit apparently the female officer in the right foot and the same bullet hit the bodaboda who died from “the injuries.”

The AIG should explain how the same bullet after hitting the police officer went ahead to hit the suspect bodaboda. Why is he not telling us where that same bullet fatally hit the bodaboda to be able to kill him from the injuries he talks off in plural?  Why did the bullet after hitting the female officer in the right foot not leg fail to embed itself in the ground but find its way to fatally hit the suspect?

We indeed all know that a bullet cannot be discharged from an automatic AK 47 rifle if that gun’s safety catch has not been switched off and the gun cocked with the bullet in the chamber to be discharged.

Here the police should answer the following questions – who switched off the gun’s safety catch? Who cocked the gun? Who pulled the trigger? At whom was the muzzle of the gun pointing at the time when the bullet was discharged?

Then who was holding the gun – the police officer or the bodaboda? Is he telling us that the bodaboda knew how to switch off the safety catch, cock the gun and pull the trigger to discharge the fateful bullet? Indeed this common logic queries that Kinoti must know that members of the public want answers.

In the statement Kinoti further said: “Immediately thereafter, a mob formed and overpowered the few officers at the camp and torched it including a GK vehicle parked at the yard.”

As much as this action of arson is highly regrettable and deplorable way of illegally taking the law into their hands by an irate mob, why did this mob in the first place form itself to contemplate and indeed execute the action they took? What kind of relations did his officers stationed at that camp have with the local members of the public?

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The Police Spokesman says that whilst we are saddened by the needless death of the rider and wish to send   condolences to the family of the bereaved and also wish the Officer quick recovery, the Service also strongly condemns the hooliganism and the arson attack against the public property.

“We further wish to inform that investigations commenced immediately to establish the exact circumstances of the shooting, as well as identify the arsonists for arrest and prosecution before a court of law,” he said.

He warned: “We wish to also   warn that this kind of unruly behavior, especially by some boda boda riders who often form gangs to harass other motorists, as well as innocent members of the public, will no longer be tolerated.”

Kinoti rightly says that it is incumbent upon all Kenyans to obey the law as it is and to channel any grievances they may have using available legal avenues instead of taking the law into their hands.

What Kinoti is not telling us is what kind of investigations are going to be conducted on the two officers who obviously triggered of the violence? Who are going to conduct these investigations and how impartial are they going to be? What action is his office going to take if the two officers involved are found to be culpable of abusing the law?

When the incident erupted in Burinda area of Butula Sub-county of Busia County it became a no go zone following a fierce battle between the police and boda boda riders. The riders are said to have set ablaze a Police, Chief Camps and a Police Land cruiser after a female Administration Police Officer shot dead one of their own.

According to independent reports reaching Angaza News trouble erupted when a bodaboda only identified to as ‘Nyabola’ collided with a school pupil of a nearby Burinda Primary school who was riding a bicycle. According to an eyewitness, the pupil entered the wrong side of the road and that’s where they collided with the motor bike boda boda rider but the pupil was not hurt.

“The boda boda rider wasn’t speeding at all his motorbike just pushed the pupil’s bicycle a little bit making the pupil fall down. In fact the pupil just got up took her bicycle and pushed it away but the police officer who was near the scene tried to take the keys from the rider who resisted and that is when the female officer shot him killing him on the spot” said the eye witness.

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It is after the incidence that Boda Bodas from Burinda mobilised themselves and headed for the nearby police post and set it ablaze before extending their anger to the local Chief’s camp and a police land cruiser which were also reduced to ashes.

Area leaders who included the Busia women representative Florence Mutua and the Busia gubernatorial aspirant Mr. Lucas Meso have condemned the act by the officer calling on the Inspector General of police Joseph Boinnet to ensure that action is taken against the rogue officer. ” @jboinnet: Sir can you kindly intervene in this Butula issue we are going to bury how many people for your trigger happy police to leave us?” Mutua tweeted.

The incident comes hot on the heels of yet another Administration Police fallout with the local residents in the same Sub-county in Butula township where two watchmen were found murdered by strangulation while on duty during the night at the market.

The local residents pointed accusing fingers at the local APs accusing them of being behind the murder the equally incensed members of the public. They insisted and demanded from the investigating regular police to use sniffer dogs to try and trace the suspects behind the murders.

The sniffer dog deployed at the murder scene led the investigating officers straight to the house of an Administration Police officer near the township and on realizing what was up the officer and his colleagues mobilized, got hold of the dog and locked it up in their armoury.

However, when they were put to task, they came up with a story that they had locked up the dog to save its life from irate members of the public who were threatening to kill for unknown reasons ironically when they are the same people who had demanded for it from the police.



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