Mathare Residents Carry Body of Man ‘Beaten by Police’ During Curfew to Muthaiga Station


Residents of Mathare on Monday ‘detained’ the body of a man they accuse a policeman of beating for being outdoors during the curfew.

The residents alleged the man was badly beaten and abandoned and later succumbed to injuries.

The group of about 500 residents held protests on the street and refused to let police collect the body.

They instead wrapped the body in a white sheet and ferried it in a cart from Mathare to Muthaiga police station to demand justice.

The man was killed at Phase 4 area on Sunday night, while police conducted patrols in the area, eyewitnesses said.

“Why are being killed like dogs? We want everyone to know this death is not as a result of coronavirus but police killed him,” Joab Omondi said on Monday.

They pulled the body for about 40 minutes, while carrying branches chanting “hii sio corona” (this is not corona).

However, Nairobi police boss Philip Ndolo said the man was killed elsewhere and body dumped in Mathare.

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“Yesterday members of public reported that there was a body at a playground but when police went to the scene, they became rowdy,” he said.

“When they prevent the police from carrying the body they deny relatives from knowing what transpired because the police won’t be able to conduct thorough investigations as they have interfered with the scene.”

The protesters were dispersed police using teargas outside Muthaiga police station as police received the body.

Meanwhile, another man said he was beaten by police during the curfew.

He sustained injuries to his leg and was taken to hospital.

While the coronavirus policies and regulations have been put to save lives, police have been on the spot for using excessive force.


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