How Museveni Ordered The Release Of Kenya’s Teso South MP Mary Emaase


Confirming details have now emerged that President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto may have been fully aware of the entry into Busia Uganda by the Teso South Member of Parliament (MP) Mary Emaase to import voters from that country.

Mary Emaase (L) & DP William Ruto

That is when Emaase and her armed bodyguard were arrested by the Uganda Police and taken to the Busia Uganda police station for interrogation by Ugandan police officers who impounded the bodyguard’s pistol.

Members of the Ugandan public alerted their police after noticing that the Teso South legislator was conducting an illegal voter recruitment exercise at Mawero village, Buteba in Uganda.

After a brief interrogation sources in Uganda told Angaza News that Emaase telephoned Deputy President who called President Kenyatta who in turn called his Ugandan counterpart Yoweri Museveni who ordered his police officers in Busia to release the legislator and his team.

TheTeso South legislator was elected at the last general elections on Ruto’s United Republican Party (URP) on which she is expected to defend her seat on the Jubilee ticket since the party was dissolved and merged into the Jubilee outfit at the forthcoming general elections hence the voter importation from Uganda.

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It is anticipated that by extension her supporters from both Kenya and Uganda will also be voting for President Kenyatta and his Deputy as running mate in this year’s general elections.

The sources say that her intelligence team had failed to alert her in advance that it was illegal for her bodyguard to cross the border into the neighbouring country while armed with a gun; he was supposed to surrender it to the Kenya police for safe custody for safe keeping.

President Kenyatta’s and his Deputy’s intervention in the saga clearly confirms allegations by opposition leaders that the duo were executing a plot to register and import voters from neighbouring countries through their financial might and the power of the state machinery to vote for them during the coming general elections.

The target countries reported included Uganda, Ethiopia and Tanzania where most communities living at the borders of the neighbouring countries span the border into those countries with close family, ethnic, traditional and cultural ties.

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Indeed the Teso community from which Emaase comes from has its largest population in Uganda where it originated from complete with a King who frequents Kenya to preside over the community’s annual cultural festivals.

Most members of the Kenya – Uganda border communities have both Kenyan and Ugandan identity cards complete with homes on both sides of the border and many politicians both sides ritually exploit this state of affairs to import voters from Uganda and Ugandan politicians from Kenya.

Earlier reports had indicated that the Kenyan police had confirmed the arrest of the legislators’ body guard but the whereabouts of the MP were not known when actually she was still being detained by police in Uganda.

On the other hand Emase also failed to order her bodyguard to take the alternative option to declare/surrender the gun at the border as required before crossing into Uganda.

Angaza News was told of unconfirmed reports that after the orders came from Museveni for her release her hair was either cut or her wig removed to conceal her identity so that she can cross back to Kenya safely without being recognized.

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When Orange Democratic leader Raila Odinga raised the red flag last month about voter importation by the Jubilee principals and their agents, they denied and accused him of being an alarmist.

However, until now the National Security Intelligence Service (NIS) that Raila also leveled accusations at have not responded neither is the IEBC itself but the President and majority leader Hassan Duale has.

As recently as the beginning of this month President Kenyatta also spearheaded the issuance of the National Identity Cards to the Makonde community who originated from Mozambique to enable them to register as voters in the former Coast province where they settled and which the Jubilee administration last year gave recognition was one of Kenya’s ethnic groupings.


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