Uhuru Scheme To Impose Beatrice Elachi For Dagorreti North Seat Revealed


When we lie to the government, it becomes felony but when they lie to us, that is politics. It is always about reform, re-classification and inclusivity, something that makes it skeptical for one to be affiliated to a certain political party or rather potential wannabes afraid to be processed in a chain of events from being brands to rejects.

Mesoh Carnicius (R) Nrb Women Rep Aspirant Karen Nyamu (L)

With more than clarity that jubilee wants to take control of the capital city now that Mombasa and Kisumu are of no hopes, it is not in harmony that it is at the heart of conspiracy and blame games of pre-decided nominations.

With confirmations that the Independent Electoral and Boundary Commission (IEBC) will be running the party primaries, it is otherwise considered an attempt to conceal and rob off Kenyans their power to vote if the hearsay is within acceptance.

Even if we suspend the mentality that the above is not known, the query still revolves around the credibility and capacity of a party led by the commander in chief of the armed forces to act within the law and its assurance not to jeopardize the drummed support of potential Kenyan voters.

In Dagoretti North for instance, it is rumored that nominated senator Beatrice Elachi is the seed of jubilee party and a jut from statehouse for the certificate against business guru Carnicius Mesoh who is eying the same ticket to clinch the parliamentary seat from opposition.

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Mr president may be to tell you, do not thorn your enemy and you are not prepared for defense.This is betrayal within cards that seems to be irredeemable and lowers the credential for concernment of decision making within the party. It is,the wrong choice.

The same way your party rejected Maina Njenga nomination papers for him not to run for Laikipia senatorial seat in fear that it will alarm a union between the outlawed Mungiki sect and the government,confirms the same identity why Dagoretti North residents are not prepared to become worrywarts of laser fair profession.

I tell you for free, it is a fault, for you will fail not because people will not have voted for your project ,but rather simply because, they cannot. That’s how Donald Trump became the president elect of the United States.

With seventeen constituencies in county 047, it would rather take precedence for key issues like health and education that can mark an overhaul in the state of the nation than maimed and irritant head blogs that purports dubious moves of a ruling government to clone upcoming nomination exercise.

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