Hired Mercenaries Out to Destabilize Busia Sugar Operations


Mercenaries for hire disguised as sugarcane farmers have been heavily bankrolled by the West Kenya Sugar Company to destabilize Busia Sugar Industries (BSI) factory at Busibwabo area in Busia County in its infancy.

Emerging details indicated that most of these mercenaries are usually political goons for hire during campaigns in general elections to destabilize political opponents’ bids to enter county assembly, national assembly, senate or gubernatorial seats and are being hired to sabotage industries.

According to KESGA the emerging trend in Busia County is that these very same political goons have been transformed to economic goons to incite or pose as sugarcane farmers to allegedly protest against the only miller who is providing them with the only sugarcane milling outlet in the County.

A senior Sugar official John Waswa said: “What is very clear is the fact that none of these protesting mercenaries against BSI  has a single sugarcane plant in his or her backyard apart from the about Kshs. 500 in their pockets for hire to make noise. A good example is Mr. Lambert Ogochi whom we know that he is grinding someone’s axe.”

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The classic case being the recent so called protests against BSI for alleged delayed cane collectionfor processing – it must not be forgotten that this factory is in its infancy having started production only last month after years of protracted legal battles to stop its contraction.

“The whole circus is being masterminded and led by a political activist and former Director of the defunct Busia Outgrowers Company (BOCO) Lambert Ogochi who is being financed by West Kenya’s Jaswant Singh Rai to execute the dirty operations,” said Mr. Waswa.

He said that has been established the hired economic hooliganism against BSI, they first started manifesting themselves with incumbents of purported sugarcane farmers to stand up against zoning for sugarcane millers clearly financed by Rai who is gunning for a monopoly of the sugar industry in the country.

Rai’s front man Ogochi has conveniently forgotten that he was one of the directors who presided over the collapse of BOCO and the decline in sugarcane production in Busia County because of negative activities of people like him.

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After being arm twisted by the government to stop the endless legal battles Rai had instituted in the high courts to stop the construction of the BSI’s sugar factory, an alternative had to be found to try and cripple the operations of that company – the hiring of mercenaries to pose as sugarcane farmers with Lambert Ogochi on the frontline to execute the dirty drama.

The Western Development Initiative Association (WEDIA) chairman,Joseph Barasa said: “It must not be forgotten that indeed when Rai was crippling the construction of that factory, the genuinely contracted farmers to BSI went up publicly in arms in demonstrations to protest against Rai’s’ legal battles right from Busia County’s high courts to those of Bungoma county.”

Mr. Barasa told off Ogochi that, it makes no sense that the same farmers are protesting over alleged delayed cane collection from their farms when the BSI’s sugar factory started production only last month.

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He told the former directors that what many people in that county and beyond should be asking themselves is whether they have ever seen or tasted a single grain of sugar produced by that juggery in the name of a sugar factory illegally constructed at Olepito area along the Busia – Mumias highway by the so called Kabras Millers or for that matter West Kenya Sugar?






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