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I bet that the last election to have ever been won on facts only were prior to John F. Kennedy entry into politics, that’s to say, 1954.

John F. Kennedy or J.F.K, the former US President was and still is a darling of the people, not only in USA but in various pockets spread all over the world. Most of us would never know why but, the reason for our darlingship is far deeper.

For the folks who were young at that time in America, it is his manner of campaigning that had them engrossed. Kennedy spent a lot of money on Public Relations (PR) to spruce up his image in public and private, through his speeches he painted a beautiful future, sometimes to the level of fantasy, his TV interviews were other bait he used to endear himself to the American people.

So, three things, fabulous public and private images, great speeches and great maneuvers during campaign trips like taking a child into his arms and so forth and so on, you saw how Obama did it, most politicians do it nowadays, but mostly started with J.F.K. We shall discuss that shortly.

In fact, in the recorded TV debate between John F. Kennedy and his opponent Richard Nixon; considering that TV’s showed black and white only, and that’s what majority of the populace had during that time, Kennedy wears a black suit, looks sharp and answers questions with composure and authority, Nixon on the other hand wore a grey suit, making it hard for one to locate him on TV except for his face, he also looked nervous and unsure of his answers.

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Kennedy won the elections despite facing an insurmountable odds, chief among those, being a Catholic in a strongly protestant USA. Analysts say, Kennedy’s use and command of body language maneuvers, coupled with great speeches that painted a Camelot (fantasy world) won him the elections. Kennedy also hired a pollster, which was unheard of, at that time.

Fast forward to 2008, enters Barack Obama, a black man in a racially charged USA. Americans of yore had named their official presidential residence as White House, though you may not be aware or never paid mind to it, White House means, a house reserved only for white people in other words, the president must be white. (Don’t mind the workers, they can be black)

So, Obama came in from a disadvantaged position but went on to win two elections. How did he do it? Obama is accused of being a master hypnotist, covert (conversational) hypnotist for that matter. In a mysterious PDF document online, a group of people analyse the strategies used by Obama to win the 2008 general elections.

Apart from being eloquent, charming, well educated (I meant – a Harvard Educated lawyer), Obama had great speech writers and he also was a great actor, weaving a web of words to his mesmerized audiences, tackling hard questions such as abortion, LGBT rights and racism; and getting away with it.

Obama is accused of using ‘hypnosis techniques of Dr. Milton Erickson, M.D. who developed a form of “conversational” hypnosis that could be hidden in seemingly normal speech, just like the ones used by doctors on patients without their knowledge for therapy purposes’.

Now, Covert hypnosis is a form of mind hack (as in how you hack a computer), it is like the ones conmen use to make you give them your wallet or valuables willingly, it exploits the subconscious mind.

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Subconscious mind is where we store most of our original fears, hopes and likes. For example, have you ever done something, then asked yourself why you did it? Yes, that one, it is something that you deeply desired to do. The subconscious mind superseded the conscious one.

Wow! It is hard to explain but, body language, speech tone, a combination of words hidden inside sentences, metaphors, the things that make for a good speech is what Obama delivered effortlessly to unaware Americans during his campaign as the document claims.

A paragraph in the document goes something like;

The communications we are aware of are called the “surface structure” – that is what the subject hears and realizes. The science of hypnosis requires understanding the “deep structure” of what the subject sees, hears, and experiences – the communication that is designed for our subconscious to receive. Our brains delete, change, distort, and jumble content on its way to the subconscious mind. Hypnotists speak in a manner to put us into trance, and then intentionally send “deep structure” communications designed for only our subconscious minds without conscious awareness.

Sound like the science of convincing, but also explain why we like some speakers and not others. Or more, Search Obama Hypnosis and get the PDF here titled: An Examination of Obama’s use of Hidden Hypnosis Techniques in His Speeches. Thank me later.

Post 2012, we see the entry of Cambridge Analytica, Cambridge is a UK big data mining firm that has recently been accused of influencing Brexit Vote, US 2016 elections and it is now emerging that they influenced Kenya’s 2013 and 2017 elections.

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Well Cambridge seems diabolic for the fact that, they dig up data about a person or a group of people and then send specific messages to that group, most of the time fake messages to manipulate and influence how the group or a person behaves.

It is diabolic in the sense that, it is invasive, manipulative and greedy.

In an exposé yesterday by Channel 4 News, a British broadcasting company, Cambridge Analytica executives boast about the tricks they have used in various countries in the world to win elections. See the Video .

My conclusion is that, since 1959, politicians and political parties have increasingly used behavioral data analytics to influence people and win elections. The innocence is gone and the world might never return to ‘normal’ in terms of convincing people. In fact a Cambridge Analytica executive says and I quote, ‘it’s no good fighting an election campaign on the facts, because actually it’s all about emotions’. This is what I was also taught in sales, ‘people make emotional decisions in order to buy’.

With increased competition in the world, and politics being the highest command for gaining control of resources in all societies, it will be quite interesting to see how Cambridge Analytica and other firms like it fair going forward.

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