SONKO OUT?: Uhuru Names Major General Mohamed Badi to Head Nairobi Metropolitan


The president asked the team to reactivate garbage collection vehicles in the 100 days and ensure crackdown on illegal dumpsites.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has created the office of the Nairobi Metropolitan Services which will be headed by Major General Mohammed Abdalla Badi.

This comes as the National Government take over of Nairobi County became effective from Tuesday, March 17, 2020.

Badi will be deputised by Enosh Onyango Momanyi.

The two have been asked by the President to lead in ending corruption in the Capital City, and that there have been challenges in the delivery of services as a result of internal constraints and capacity issues.

“Cartels and corrupt services have made service delivery almost impossible,” Uhuru said.

He added that water rationing and perennial traffic jams are among the problems that have service delivery almost impossible.

The president said that Nairobi is home to the industrial sector and is a living breathing metropolis from every corner of the globe.

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“Nairobians are hardworking and industrious people, for Nairobi to continue on this path, it is paramount that they get efficient and timely services,” he said.

He added that “Citizen cares not who is delivering the services, to him the government is one, therefore we must also act as one. Not blame one another for mwananchi want results not excuses”.

President Uhuru wished the new Director General and his team the best in their new office.

“This isn’t a one man job, we must work together, I look forward to see positive results in the shortest time possible,” Uhuru said.

The Nairobi Metropolitan Services have been asked to operationalise two matatu terminus at Desai road and Park road and to introduce hourly automated car parking services.

The president asked the team to reactivate garbage collection vehicles in the 100 days and ensure crackdown on illegal dumpsites.

He directed the Director General to also ensure effective garbage collection in partnership with the National Youth Service.

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During the handing over, the president said that 40 per cent of our country’s GDP is produced in Nairobi, hence the citizens should be provided with efficient, timely services.

The deal saw the handing over of four important dockets health, transport, public works, utilities and ancillary and planning for two years (renewable).

The decision by the National Government to take over was timely as Nairobi was facing political chaos both from the executive which lead to paralysis of services

The national government made an unprecedented decision to take over the functions of Nairobi county because of the chaos and mismanagement it suffered.

With Sonko facing graft charges and was barred by the courts from accessing his office at city hall.

He also lacks substantive deputy and was saved by the president from impeachment by the MCAs.


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