REVEALED: Why Otuoma Duped His Supporter To File Case On His Behalf Against Ojaamong

Paul Otuoma (in cap) & Peter Odima (far right)

Former Funyula MP Paul Otuoma had to trick his campaigner/voter to petition on his behalf against governor Sospeter Ojaamong after discovering that he had no sufficient grounds to support his petition, Angaza News can authoritatively report.

Peter Khasamule Odima is now a worried man given the magnitude of the matter when it comes to monetary implications where one is required to pay the respondent in case of the plaintiff losing the petition.

These revelations follows yet another dramatic turn of events where over twelve witnesses in the said petition threatened to withdraw under unclear circumstances. [wp_ad_camp_2]

It is not yet clear what will befall Odima in case he loses the petition but sources privy to it say that chances of him being auctioned are high should Ojaamong win the case and decided to pursue the matter to recover the millions he is likely to spend in the petition including hiring of lawyers to represent him.

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It is this state of ugly affairs that Otuoma chose to avoid filing the petition all by himself given the fact that he had drained his pockets during the ODM party primaries where he was beaten by Ojaamong before running against him as an independent candidate.

It is believed that he spent hundreds of millions of shillings which he is not about to recover anytime soon.

It is for this reason the former top ODM official went public to announce that he had ditched his former Party boss and who is NASA’s Presidential candidate Raila Odinga to support Jubilee’s Uhuru Kenyatta.

In an interview with some of the residents of Busia and who had supported Otuoma In the August 8 elections where he lost for the second time to Ojaamong, they expressed their disappointment with his decision to back president Uhuru.

“We have been hearing that Otuoma was a Jubilee Mole within ODM but some of us decided to ignore thinking that it was just mere propaganda but we have now confirmed”, said Stephen Ouma.

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[wp_ad_camp_2] Back to the petition- Some sources close to Odima also disclosed to this writer that few days before taking the petition to court he had made frantic efforts to reach out to Ojaamong to explore possibilities of working together but before he could get an answer he hurriedly moved to court to file the petition that Otuoma himself crafted.

It is not yet clear if money did exchange hands making him to abandon his earlier quest to seek reconciliation with governor Ojaamong but if indeed money played the center stage then only time will tell.

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